Tuesday, 11 April 2017

TYJ001 Fire Safety Themed Pack

Yes, here we back with our new product : Fire Safety Themed Playset which is suitable for kids in age of 4-6 years old. And of course i prepared this for my little girl, which content including board games(learn from games always our priority!), mathematics, crafts, puzzle and related flash cards. Learning can be really fun, when it is out from writing method.

Total Material List:

1. Simple Board Game
2. Addition Game
3. Fire Craft (package included color crepe papers : red, yellow, orange)
4. Shape Craft
5. Counting by 2s' Puzzle
6. 8pcs related Flashcards
7. Basic "Suku Kata" chart
8. FREE 1 set of flame stickers for first 8 buyers.

Free for first 8 buyers

What can we do with this fire safety themed pack?

1. Simple Board Game

Material : Art Card

A simple board game which using few simple rules to complete the game, kids can learn to practice following the rules and foster the ability to focus through games. You may read this article for details about the benefit of board games. Anyway, playing a board game after a family dinner is an excellent and simple way to get closer to your family~

**Dice and cubes are not included

2. Addition Game

Explore the world of mathematics through games.

Material : Art Card (2pcs)

How to play:

Roll 2 dices and add up for total. Get the total from the flames and cover up with any suitable items with you (we used colorful round chips, AND this is NOT included in this package ya~ :) )

The player who manage to cover up all the flames will be the winner.

**Dice and color chips are not included

3. Fire Craft

Materials: A4 Paper and colored crepe papers(included in the package)


Cut--> Paste  / Cut--> Roll --> Paste

4. Shape Craft

Material : A4 paper

Cut & Paste activity. Let's made a fire engine out from simple shapes (shapes recognition). 

5. Counting by 2s' Puzzle

Material: Art Card

Puzzle which is arranged with counting by 2s' sequence. 

With the help of any actual items(you may use any suitable item which is available, the jewel stones in the picture is excluded from the package) may help them for better understanding on the theory.

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Product Code 产品编号: TYJ001 Fire Safety Themed Pack

Product Price :  RM25.00

Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 800g] : WM RM8 ; EM RM10


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