Thursday, 30 October 2014

BFL002 Waterproof Long Sleeve EVA Baby Bibs 超保护型长袖围嘴/围裙

Long sleeve baby bibs actually is another must have items for parent, it can provide "full protection" during any messy play or self feeding session. The special point of the design that we bring in is it comes with an empty back, well, this is a really friendly design for us who stay in tropical country. To know more about bib's function, you may refer to our previous post, and below are the design that we have for long sleeve bibs.


Blue Panda Design / 蓝色熊猫款 :
Front View / 产品前面

Back View with empty back design / 产品后面,看到吗?是后空设计,这是我们找了很久的款式,个人觉得后空设计比较适合住在热带国的我们。

String Tie / 绑带设计

Stretchable Cuffs Design / 袖口具伸缩性

Pink Bird Design / 粉色小鸟款 : 

Front View / 产品前面

Back View with empty back design / 产品后面,看到吗?是后空设计,这是我们找了很久的款式,个人觉得后空设计比较适合住在热带国的我们。

String Tie / 绑带设计

Stretchable Cuffs Design / 袖口具伸缩性
If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~


just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :
Ibabiesclub Order Form 爱宝贝网络订购单

Product Code 产品编号: BFL002
Product Price :  RM18 [Promotion Price with limited unit! Original Price : RM19.90]
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 80g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

BFL001 Waterproof Sleeveless EVA Baby Bibs 超实用无袖围嘴/围裙

Wo! Finally we managed to bring this back to our dear supporters! ^^

Well, we let our baby wearing this bib almost every day. It is a very good tools for mummy to prevent non-stop changing clothing activities as you know no matter what your little one's doing, they will definitely dirty up their clothing at the end~ This protective bib is very important, at least for full time mummy like me and Cath.

Well, let me share again Chen's photo but of course wearing on the product that i bought from BB fair before. It is same with the product that we bring in~

Our special guest for painting activity, we let QiQi to wear the bib to prevent her clothes from dirty.

Chen wearing long sleeve model to protect her clothing as well.

During sensory play, a suitable bib is a must~

Creative session with long sleeve baby bib.

And of course, during self feeding session, a waterproof Eva bibs is a great weapon for mummy!
At her age of 16M+

Waterproof Sleeveless EVA Baby Bibs
 made from transparent waterproof Eva material which is easily wiped clean
 prevent your children's clothes from dirty while they get creative
 ideal for self feeding training, sensory play, painting, or any messy play!
 handwash only~
 Size : 30cm x 38cm (length)

Comes in assorted designs, suitable for both boys and girls.

我们终于找到合适的围嘴来给比较大的宝宝了~这个设计的围嘴是晨从大概16M起就开始使用的。当初多数用在让她自行进食的训练上,后来慢慢延伸到涂鸦,Sensory Play,目前几乎每天都在使用,在防脏这一环,这款围嘴算是功能很好的,而且很好清理。我目前拥有2件,都在交替使用,都是以前在BB Fair购买的,这次给大家带来相同剪裁设计的系列,不要错过啦~因为真的很不错~ ^^

♥ 透明款防水设计,容易清理[若不是很脏,用布抹干净即可;我个人习惯直接用水清洗]
适合用于自行进食,涂鸦,sensory play,也可是小厨师的小围裙

Product Pictures/ 产品实拍

3 Designs Available : Lion, Tweety Bird, Zebra
三个款式可选择 :狮子,可爱小鸟,斑马

Zebra Design

Lion Design

Tweety Bird Design
Product Details / 产品细节 :

Flip pocket design to catch more mess~

Velcro fastener which is easy and fast to wear on

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~


just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :
Ibabiesclub Order Form 爱宝贝网络订购单

Product Code 产品编号: BFL001
Product Price :  RM15 [Promotion Price with limited unit! Original Price : RM16.90]
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 70g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

[Check out this page for more available products]

Monday, 27 October 2014

Let handprint art freezes the precious moment for you ♥ 手印画,把小手印留下~

I came across image below somewhere on web ( i do screenshot for it, so can't get the link back for you~ ), well, is an adorable frog! And i decided to make it together with Chen.

在做Home School 资料寻找时无意中发现了这只可爱的青蛙,现在其实正在进行着Green Week,可是我找到的合适项目其实很少,所以看到了这个马上加入了环节内。以下是我从网络截屏的可爱青蛙图案。

It is an easy project, but i got no talent in artwork XD , below is what we done together.
然后我和晨一起完成了以下的“小青蛙”图,感觉上我们做的和样本是有些许出入的。 :p 手印由晨盖上,之后我就替她贴上眼睛(因为用super glue,所以不让晨自己贴~)及画上嘴部。很可爱的小青蛙,不是吗?后来爸爸和二伯放工回来时,晨还很“自豪” 的将作品拿给他们欣赏,看来她真的十分喜欢~其实我也很喜欢,然后就跟晨说好找一天再做一幅爸爸青蛙+妈妈青蛙+晨晨小青蛙的图。

Hmmm, slightly different from artwork above~ But anyway, it is still nice! And i decided to make a family hand-print artwork to capture Chen's small hand-print at this moment.

She love this session very much!

What a precious memorial for us~ And the most important point is, it is easy! Are you going to make it too? :)  Do enjoy the moment!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Mini Hair Clips Series ✿ 手作迷你发饰

This is a post which special for baby girls only, as we are going to introduce our Handmade Hair Clips Series to all of you. Anyway, this is a project with our lovely friend who are a full time mummy as well~ So all the items are with limited quantity only. Let's see what we have on hand now:


HC001 Mini Hair Clip 3.2cm 
Color : Light Yellow
2pcs per set
Price : RM3.50/set

HC001 淡黄迷你手作鸭嘴夹
价格 :RM3.50/set

HC002 Mini Hair Clip 3.2cm 
Color : Light Green
2pcs per set
Price : RM3.50/set

HC002 淡青色迷你手作鸭嘴夹
价格 :RM3.50/set

HC003 Mini Hair Clip 4cm 
Design : Star
1pcs per set
Price : RM2.90/pcs

HC003 星星迷你手作鸭嘴夹
价格 :RM2.90/pcs

HC004 Mini Hair Clip 4cm 
Design : Pearl
1pcs per set
Price : RM2.90/pcs

HC004 珍珠迷你手作鸭嘴夹
价格 :RM2.90/pcs

HC005 Mini Hair Clip 4cm 
Design : Brown Polka Dots
1pcs per set
Price : RM2.90/pcs

HC005 圆点迷你手作鸭嘴夹
价格 :RM2.90/pcs

HC006 Mini Hair Clip 4cm 
Design : Strawberry
1pcs per set
Price : RM2.90/pcs

HC006 草莓迷你手作鸭嘴夹
价格 :RM2.90/pcs

Demo from our little model Chen~

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Montessori at Home (8) : Yellow Week ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 (8) : 认识黄色

Hmm...Actually we completed yellow week activities many weeks ago, ei, anyway, i will update it right now! :p

ღ Popsicle Color Matching Games ღ 冰棒颜色配对游戏

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Colorful Popsicle Stick 彩色冰棒
Any container with Yellow Cap 任何有黄色盖子的罐子
[Cut out a slot on the cap portion to insert the Popsicle  在盖子上切割出可以投下彩色冰棒的开口] 

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Hand-Eye Coordination  手眼协调 
Color Matching 颜色配对
Yellow 认识黄色

X Brand Potato Chip Container, cut out a lot on the top of the container will do.

Instruction : Please insert the Popsicle which having same color with the cover into the bottle

I let her to continue with the rest after she completed the task given~

ღ Let's help mummy to clean the lemon! ღ 快来把柠檬洗干净!

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Lemon 柠檬
Water 水
I add in some ice cubes for her to play with~ 我也加入一些冰块让她玩

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Yellow Lemon 柠檬是黄色的!
Well, this is just to let Chen know how mummy wash lemon [i demo for her during the process] and let her play with actual fruit~

Smell it!

ღ Paper Clips Color Matching Games ღ 回形针颜色配对游戏

Preparation / 准备工作 : 

Material / 材料用具 :
Colorful Paper Clips 彩色回形针
Yellow Popsicle stick [ and i glue on a magnet bar on it ] 黄色冰棒[我贴上了磁铁]

What we explored today/ 我们今天探索了什么 :
Color Matching 颜色配对
Yellow 认识黄色
Very simple matching game : stick the yellow paper clips to the yellow Popsicle~

As normal : Mummy, no photo please!

ღ Five Little Ducks Nursery Rhyme ღ 五只小鸭儿歌介绍


I'm not really good in singing this song, so i played this video to her. Play and sing along while playing the yellow ducks puppets that i made for her.

I downloaded the free printable puppets material from here.
Five little ducks went out one day
Over the hills and far away
Mama duck said, "Quack, quack, quack, quack,"
but only four little ducks came waddling back...

ღ  Creative Art ღ 创意时间

For color yellow, we have the usual yellow banana gluing activity and corn cob stamping activity.

Below are the free printable materials from Ibabiesclub~ 

** Something Special for the theme~
I prepared a yellow sensory bin for Chen, but she seems not interested with it~ She took out the lemon and kept telling me that she wanna cut the lemon. Huh?! Well, ok, the only thing i can do is just to grant your wish! :) I let her to try on cutting, squeezing, adding ice cubes, bottle shaking... and finally we have Ice Honey Lemon! And she insisted to serve to her uncle as well~ It was an unexpected good time together!

妈妈准备的 yellow sensory bin太乏味,结果晨只对柠檬有兴趣。不断重复说,要切柠檬~好吧,妈妈就让你尝试准备honey lemon 吧。成品出来后还坚持要自己端给二伯,其实当下我还有点担心会有要捡玻璃片的收场。幸好顺利完成啦,小人儿也很欣赏自己有份参与的饮料。我觉得,今后若是买柠檬还真的不可以常被她发现,否则我就要天天喝 honey lemon 咯~

Monday, 13 October 2014

♥ Montessori at Home/在家蒙特梭利 (7) : Basic Tracing Activites ♥

After reading from Mummy Bear Lim , found that i can try to introduce tracing activities to Chen already. Yeah, the activity looks fun and easy to prepare, i prepared a very simple worksheet with Animals theme (we just came back from Zoo Negara, she likes the panda very much!) for our very first trial on this~ Our little ones can improve their fine motor skills by doing tracing practice, hence it is one of the pre-writing activities in kindergarten as well.  

最近看到 Mummy Bear Lim 让Eva尝试了tracing activity, Eva很喜欢~我才晓得原来我可以让晨尝试这个游戏,要谢谢Bear一直无私的分享了。最近我们刚游过Zoo Negara,晨一直很喜欢动物,亲眼看到了熊猫后她就更爱熊猫。这是第一次尝试Tracing Activity,所以我就用了动物主题来制作了这次很简单的第一个worksheet。这个活动可以加强孩子们的精细动作技能,日后开始书写时就会事半功倍。

Insert the worksheet into a clear file so that it can be reused for N times. 把教材置入透明文件夹内让孩子在上面练习,那么就是可重复使用的环保教材了。

Before i bought the clear file, i'm using my own way to make it reusable as well. 一直没有购买到透明文件夹,只好自己DIY下~

Chen kept requesting for taking those animals sticker out~ She thought that is a sticker sheet! I have to keep explained to her that, you need to help those babies to get  their mums by linking up those dashed line. I demonstrated for one time and then passed the marker pen to let her "play" with it. Yeah, i really never expected she can link up those dashed line.


Initial trial 开始时的状况

Painting Time?!后来干脆乱画

Chen tried for few times and didn't manage to link the dashed lines up, well, this is under my expectation. But she started to cry after few trial, then i asked her why?  “Chen can draw circle only”,haha, this was what she answered me! Although she was crying but i still feel really funny that a 2 Years Old toddler would give such an answer~ I just told her, well baby, it is ok, mummy prepared this is just for fun, if you don't like it, we just stop the activity right now~ Anyway, she insisted on keep trying. And finally and unexpectedly, she managed to link up the dashed lines~ Wow, this is really out from my expectation!

2nd Line done, and i only realized that "she can do it" 直到第二条线画好我才察觉到那不是巧合~

Well, since she can complete it, it means that i have to prepare more for her. Do stay tune with us and we will share more materials with you all. Cheers!

既然晨已经可以控制自己的小胖手了,那么意味着妈妈必须再努力准备更多教材咯~我会继续在这篇Post里分享其他基本的Tracing Worksheet,再见咯~ ^^

* Updated on 23112014

Matching complete fruit/vegetables with its half worksheet
[Click here to get this worksheet]

To Be Continued