Thursday, 28 April 2016

BET021 Multiple Mathematic Learning Box

Size: 29.5*18.5*4 cm
Material: Wood with box
Weight: 0.76kg
Available Age: 3 Years old ++

尺寸:29.5*18.5*4 cm

  1. Multiple Mathematic Learning Box inside provided small black board. It can let kids to free to play their painting OR use for calculation.
  2. Kids can use the numbering cube to learn and count 1-100, it's can improve their calculation ability.
  3. Kids start beginning learn calculation can through by mathematic stick. The mathematic stick it can be replace by finger count. Mathematic stick provided 4 colors to make more fun color counting. Color mathematic stick can use different color doing PLUS, MINUS, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE counting.
  4. Behind of the black board is a Mushroom Clock, it really look cute. This Mushroom Clock to let kids to identify Hour and Minutes, at the same time to learn more concept of time.

  1. 多用途数字小盒子里面带有小黑板, 它可以让孩子自由发挥他们的绘画或是可以做计算用途。
  2. 小孩可以通过木片上的数字,从中认识数字1-100,同时可以练习计算的能力。
  3. 小孩可以利用小棒棒进行数一数,可以用彩色小棒棒来替代数不到的数目。它有4中不同的颜色来学习数字游戏,格外的有趣。在计算加减乘除的同时,4种颜色的数字也可以让孩子来区分。
  4. 在小黑板的背面是设计了一个可爱的小蘑菇时钟,这个可以让宝宝分辨和计算时针分针。可以训练小孩对时间的概念。

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Product Price :  RM 40.00

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

HomePlay : No Cost/Low Cost Toddler Activities at home 零花费/低花费的幼童活动 (3)

No/Low Cost activities are always my favorite(if with minimum preparation time needed will be perfect!) , below are some activities we had recently. :)

1. DIY Smiley Face Puzzle

Simple game for toddler to practice visual discrimination
Saw this idea from Instagram(bebeklibby), with simple materials (paper/card, Stickers) with all i have. I prepared the cards in advanced(draw a center line for each card), pass to little girl to decorate with smiley stickers. Cut with penknife along the center line, and our DIY was ready for fun!

We used smiley stickers which in different color and expression, so toddlers do practice their visual discrimination skill when they are trying to do matching for it.

If they can't get the right answer for it, you may give hints by let them know what is the color that they should search for on the parting line. At the same time, they can learn color as well. :)

Interesting simple game for me and little girl. Hope you will like it too!
Let's SMILE!




2. Rubber Bands Fine Motor Bands


For more No Cost/Low Cost Activities:

HomePlay : No Cost/Low Cost Toddler Activities at home 零花费/低花费的幼童活动 (1)

Monday, 18 April 2016

TM003 Golf Tees (5 Simple Golf Tees Activities with Toddlers)

Golf tees activities normally apply on fine motor play. It encourages hand eye coordination and strengthens those ever so important 'writing' muscles. All right, let's check out we done with golf tees for our tot school session: 

一般在精细技能活动里呢,Golf Tees是其中一样常被用到的小物件。这段日子以来我们也进行了一些高尔夫球钉活动,在这里来我们就将这些活动集合起来方便日后参考。

1. Marble Balance Game
Fine motor skill activity using play dough, golf tees and marbles. Children press golf tees into play dough and try to balance marbles onto top of the tees.   
平衡弹珠游戏。让孩子讲golf tees压入play dough里,然后放上弹珠。简单的小游戏就可同时运动到小手肌肉及训练手眼协调。                                                               

2. Color Matching Activity
Parent help to making color dots (following the color of your golf tees) on paper. And children hammering golf tees onto the collect color dots.
我们拥有不同颜色的高尔夫球钉,所以今天不用dot stickers,我们就用高尔夫球钉来进行颜色配对。先准备好点上不同颜色圆点的纸张(下面可以垫厚海绵),然后让孩子根据圆点的颜色钉上球钉即可。

3. Letter recognition 
B : Red color golf tees
b : yellow color golf tees

Children may pound in golf tees by follow simple instruction given. This is good to exercise their hands muscles and exposing to alphabet at the same time.

在我们的字母周里,我们也常用到球钉。这是其中一个代替dot stickers的方法,让孩子通过不同的方法来认识字母。

4. DIY Homemade Geoboard

Material list:

Styrofoam board (as base), golf tees, rubber bands & hammer.

Children can do hammering for golf tees. Hammering activity is good for hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motors skills. While rubber bands rubber bands are great for children's hand development as they need to be pushed out to stretch them and open them up, causing a good resistance against the fingers which is suitably hard to do.

用具有:保丽龙板为底座,golf tees,小锤子,橡胶圈

先让小朋友钉上golf tees然后再圈上橡胶圈即可。

5.Hammering "Nails"

And before your introducing real nails to your little one, maybe it will be safer for us to use golf tees at the beginning stage.

N is for Nails

You may continue reading if you are interested to get the golf tees. 

Product Code : TM003 Golf Tees
Material : Wood 
Length : 42mm
Available in color Yellow and Blue
Quantity per pack : 15pcs [each pack with single color golf tees only]

长度 : 42mm

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

BAS025 Own Spider Busy Bag

My son love spider very much. Keep request to sing Incy Wincy Spider song for every day. So now I try to make a spider for him and let him more real know about spider look.

This can be let kids train hand-eye coordination, focusing, creative, and make fun.
So now just simple to explain how to make this spider and material provided.

我的儿子很喜爱蜘蛛。差不多每一天都要和他唱Incy Wincy Spider 歌。 现在我就想说做一个蜘蛛让他更了解蜘蛛的模样。希望可以在教学里用到蜘蛛连串到故事里。


This is the basic material before start to do spider.
Material Detail:
4 units Pipecleaner 3mmx15cm
2units Pom Pom Balls
48 units Beads 8mm
2 unit Button (Spider Eye)

Color of the busy bag are random pick.

4 个 绒毛条 3mmx15cm
2个 绒毛球
48 个 珠子 8mm
2 个 纽扣 (蜘蛛的眼睛)


Tie middle of the Pipecleaner

Glue the Pom Pom Balls in middle of the Pipecleaner.

deng deng deng deng~~~~~ completed!
 Show off my sons playing time. Hehehe.....

New Hair style... hehehe....

One by One pull the beads into the right place.

Focusing doing his 1st spider

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