Monday, 16 February 2015

Toddler Busy Bags (3) : Felt Face Parts Game

This is just another last minutes hardwork before long holiday ~

Since this is a last minutes job, so i just try to come out a busy bag which can be done with materials on hand, and finally i completed this within 20 minutes : Felt Face Parts Game~

Main Material : Felt
I cut out a big circle as face, and then add in some pom pom balls in various color, googly eyes (i glued on a small piece of felt behind the googly eyes, so it can attach to felt face easily), pipecleaner, and any suitable material that you feel suitable for this activity.

A Very Simple Busy Bag
Magic Time! All the material can attach to each others without glue~ :)

As for the hair part, i used clothespin for it as my girl like to play with clothespin very much~
P/S: clothespin exercise can help to improve children fine motor skills~

Got to go~
Happy New Year! ^^

Saturday, 14 February 2015

[Pre-Order] BET022 Little Angel Egg - Spatial Thinking Puzzle ✿ 逻辑推理拼板

Line up the puzzle by 1 to 1 layer follow the challenge Question to become a picture.
Only have 1 of the answer to get the correct way from 100 Questions.
Game included 18 colors puzzle, 1 unit of display board, and a game instruction book.
Color puzzle it look easy and simple, but you will be have a fun and big challenge for the following Question.
This game able to let you to use your logical thinking, strategy, and visual and spatial perception to meet the challenge.

Material: Plastic
Package Size: 24 x 24 x 6 cm
Suitable Age: 3 years old++
Weight: 650 g


包装尺寸: 24 x 24 x 6 cm
重量:659 g

This book included game instruction and 100 challenge with 4 different level.

different color of puzzle

package included all show in above.


If you will unable to get the challenge, it will have provide answer.

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~
 just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :

Product Code 产品编号: BET022
Product Price :  RM49.00 

Pre-Order Period 预购日期 : 2 to 14-March-2016

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DIY Lion Dance Puppet ✿在家也可DIY舞狮

I saw my dear friend Min Min shared what she done together with her son, Bobo:

Tada~ I love this lively lion dance puppet very much! Oh ya, and i never forget about our readers(maybe have?! XD) so i asked for the permission from Mummy Min Min Sam in order to publish her super nice craftwork on our Ibabiesclub's FB Page~ And thanks a lot to this lovely mummy, she immediately sent over all the details to us~ Thanks Min MIn! ^^ And below are the details from Min Min~

这是号外篇~日前看到了好友MIn Min 在脸书Po了和孩子博博一起完成的舞狮手作挂饰,就是上图的那只神气舞狮啦!超神气的,又略带可爱~我是十分喜欢!然后自己也完成了一个(但是不太神气,哈哈!),但因为我都是用自己家里剩下的材料来变通,所以想说不太容易介绍给大家。没关系,赶快联络Min Min去~她当然是很乐意啦,还为我准备了高象素流程图,真是太好了!几经考虑,我还是在照片上放了原著的名字(本来Min Min是让我放Ibabiesclub的水印啦~),毕竟这是Min Min的辛苦成品,还是要归还给她的~得到同意刊登我们已经很开心了~Min,谢谢你啦! ^^ 因为Min Min附上了详细解说,下面的解说是MIn Min撰写的,是英文版~

I made this lion dance puppet together with my little boy to pass the time.
Here are the steps to do it if you’re interested

3 paper plates
Color papers
Pom pom ball – as the nose (optional)
Felt (optional)
Corrugated paper (optional)
Form paper (optional)
*Basically I just use whatever I have on hand, so you may replace it as you see fit.

1. Cut one of the paper plates into half, that’s the eye lid.
2. Color the paper plates.
3. While waiting the colors to dry, I guide my boy to cut the color papers into stripes. These will be paste under the lion’s mouth.
4. I used 2 corrugated papers and cut them into 2 semi-circles. Then combine them together using tape, that’s the lion mouth. So the mouth can be open and close. Alternatively, you can simply use a big cardstock and cut into a circle then fold it into half. (Why I didn’t do so? Simply because I didn’t have a big enough cardstock, lol)
5. Cut another cardstock into an onion shape (refer to picture 3, back view of the puppet).
6. Combine the lion’s mouth (step 4) with the onion shape cardstock (step 5), that makes the lion’s face.
7. Cut out circles from color paper to make the pupil and iris. I use color paper, felt and form paper just because I only have white paper, blue felt and black form paper, lol.
8. Glue the iris and pupil into the paper plates. That makes the eyes.
9. Combine the eyelid and the eyes. You can simply glue it. I punch holes and let my boy to use a rope to lace the holes. This trains his fine motor skills.
10. Glue the completed eyes (step 9) into the lion’s face.
11. That’s pretty much finished. Glue the pom pom ball into the face as nose. Glue the cotton ball around the mouth. Decorate as needed.
12. My boy wanted to feed the lion and ask why the mouth couldn’t hold anything. So to fulfill his special request, I cut a tongue shape felt and glue it inside the mouth so the cotton ball could stick on it. My boy is happily feeding the lion instead of perform a lion dance for me~
Happy Chinese New Year! Hope this lion dance puppet can spice up the CNY atmosphere at your home

All Rights Reserved by Mummy Min Min Sam~

Hmm, personally feel that this is something you should never missed out! As in between the process, actually there are many steps that can be completed by your little ones (even a 2 Years Old toddler can join as well). And below are part of the making process for my funny lion dance puppet~ XD

个人觉得这个手作舞狮很棒,里面有很多细节是2岁小孩都可以参与的(是Mummy Min Min提醒我才恍然大悟~之前有打算要制作舞狮,可是看了许多网络分享,看起来是成人作品为多,我觉得看起来小朋友可能没什么参与感而放在一边,可是Min Min的分享文就清楚指出什么部分孩子们可以参与,真的太棒了!所以,我也立刻作了一个山寨版的,哈哈!和大家分享部分流程图~

Free Painting, i provided yellow & orange to Chen, and let her paint for her first lion dance puppet. ( i don't have paper plate with me, and can only found this recycled material which i kept for many months already~)
自由涂鸦~我提供了橙色和黄色水彩给小朋友,让她自己决定她首个手工舞狮的容貌~ (我手上没有纸盘,就只找到这个,感觉上应该可以代替纸盘做眼睛部分)

I like this idea (from Min Min of course), and this is the very first time for this little girl to finish the lacing activity that i provided! ^^
这个步骤可以加强Fine Motor Skills,所以我也加入了这个穿线做眼睛部分的细节。 

What's this?! Hehe, is my recycled version google eyes ( bottle cap+black color circle cardstock)! XD

Cutting activity for lion's whiskers

And, hahaha! Yes, this is our funny version lion dance puppet! lol~
这就是我们山寨版的舞狮啦~ XD

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tot School (12) : Chinese New Year Theme Play 农历新年主题游戏

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, have you prepare the material to introduce your kids about this very important festival?
We will try to introduce CNY to our little ones in simple ways, but of course, most of the material is get from internet, and we will share our study result with all of you~ :) And today will share the story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals with you (simple version which suitable for young toddlers)



The story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals 十二生肖的由來

English Version
Once upon a time, Jade Emperor wanted to find an easy to calculate the years. He decided to hold a competition between the animals for crossing the river.

He said,“The first 12 animals to arrive at the finish line will make up the new years calendar. ”The news was announced to all animals.

Among all of them, the cat and the rat were good friends. Every day they played together. Their life was very happy.
On that day, the black cat said:“I'm afraid of the water and I can't swim." The water ox said :"I can't see very well and I can't tell the direction."

The little rat listened and then told them:"Le's help each other." The water ox agreed to help the cat and the rat cross the river.

When the ox arrived half way across the river, the cat pointed at the other side and said: "Look! They still haven't crossed the river, I'm sure I'll be the first."

The cat didn't even get to finish his sentence, when the rat pushed him off into the water. 

The rat laughed and said: "Oh, I'm sorry, my brother the cat. Now, I'm certainly the first!".

The ox didn't pay attention and continued to swim. When they arrived at the shore, the little rat jumped off the ox and ran happily towards the finish line.

The ox ran and arrived second. Next was the tiger, and the little rabbit quickly followed. The dragon came from within the clouds and announced: "I'm coming".

As the horse arrived at the finish line, a snake suddenly appeared from the grass, making the horse and the sheep jump in horror.

The monkey, the chicken, and the dog quickly ran to the finish line. The competition was about to end.

Jade Emperor said:"rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken and the dog are the 11. Who's going to be the last one?" At that time, a very fat pig came running in and announced: "I'm starving!" 

Jade Emperor was about to announce the 12 winning animals, when the black cat arrived. He said: "I'm sorry, you get here too late. The game is over."

The cat was so angry and said: "That's the rat's fault. I will never forgive him". From that day, the cat wants to bite the rat, and the rat fears the cat.


他說: 「最先抵達的十二隻動物將成為計算年份的方式。」很快所有動物都知道這個消息。
當水牛游到河中央時,貓指著河的另一邊說:「你看! 他們都還沒過河,我想我會是第一…。」

猴、雞和狗也迅速地抵達終點線。 比賽已將近尾聲。
玉皇大帝說:「鼠、牛、虎、兔、龍、蛇、馬、羊、猴、雞和狗。誰是最後一位呢 ?」此時,一隻很胖的豬跑過來並且說:
正當玉皇大帝要宣佈前12名時,貓抵達終點線。玉皇大帝說:「對不起! 你來晚了,比賽已經結束了。」
貓生氣的說:「都是老鼠的錯,我永遠不會原諒它的。」 從那天起,貓捉老鼠,老鼠怕貓。

I used my very own way to tell the story (as i really worry she can't understand what i'm trying to explain~). I created a Sensory Story Bin for the story of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals. And below are the details:

其实要解释这些民间故事是很具难度的,所以我只打算先大略的把故事说给她听。然后突然有个想法是把这个民间故事的主要内容(12生肖过河)放入Sensory Bin内,那么应该比较有趣吧?!

Well girl, maybe you don't like this to take photo, but i'm sorry, this is part of mummy's job~
好啦,这是这次Sensory Story Bin的内容还有一个又被妈妈叫来拍照的小朋友~ [其实基于她不爱拍照,所以我只是要拍物品而已。怎么知道我说,来,妈妈拍照一下,她就自己“埋位~”  XD]

I printed out 2 sets of 12 Chinese Zodiac picture from Internet, the most important point in choosing the picture is i want a dragon and not a dinosaur. Some of the picture shared is dinosaur, and i worry will confuse the little one. I printed out the story for myself to read out for her as well.

Well, our 12 Chinese Zodiac need to cross this "River"  XD

1. First of all, let her do matching activity between picture and word.

Matching in progress

2. Started our story session, and let her put all the Chinese Zodiac inside the "river"

3. Rat is the first Chinese Zodiac who reach, and i let Chen to get the Rat picture up when i mentioned about this. And story going on, she need to get these animals out one by one.

Completed! And i let her to do matching with those vinyl figures miniatures which we have.

I do let her know what is her Chinese Zodiac and also what is our family member's Chinese Zodiac at the same time. Just for introduction, at least let her know about this story~


✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          

年的故事 The Story of Nian

I just went through a normal story telling session about Nian. I printed out the material from page below:

After the story telling session, she told me monster Nian don't like red. She asked her dad to act as Monster Nian and attacked her. She said: "red,red", then the monster have to run away~ Well, it is proven that she could understand the story?! XD

我从以上网页将年的故事打印出,然后念给晨听。她要求我念了两遍。故事结束后,爸爸入房。晨竟然叫爸爸扮“年”来攻击她,然后她大喊:“红色,红色”,爸爸就扮害怕逃走~ 这,代表她把传说听了进去吗?无论如何,在旁的我已经笑翻了~ XD

✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          

Oh My Goat! Making Of Triangle Felt Goat Chinese New Year Decoration 三角形不织布羊羊新年装饰

Last night my husband told me that his spring couplets will look nicer if he can get another small decorative items beside. Hmmm, then i suddenly think of something... Before this i do plan to make "Triangle Goat" together with Chen, but keep delaying due to laziness~ Maybe, now we can make for daddy! ^^ This is an super easy CNY decorative DIY craft then you can do together with your little ones, and we do counting, compare size, play with triangle shape, color recolonization activities during the making process also! My girl likes her own goat very well, maybe you can do it together with your little ones also?! :)

昨夜先生说他的春联旁如果可以加多两个小装饰应该会更好看。我之前其实就有了利用三角形来制作羊图案的念头,或许,现在可以动手了?! 这个活动很简单哦,我只用了不织布就完成了。制作的时候我们还一起数数三角形的数量,比较大小,认颜色,一举多得~ :)

Triangle Triangle, and let's count how many triangle that we have and what is the color~

Big & Small

Easy CNY craft with simple preparation job, you can use paper to replace felt material also.

My lovely Goat!

Tada~ 我们今年的新年有童趣味~ :)

✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          

Next coming is something actually out of my plan~ I saw my dear friend Min Min shared what she done together with her son, Bobo:

Tada~ I love this lively lion dance puppet very much! Oh ya, and i never forget about our readers(maybe have?! XD) so i asked for the permission from Mummy Min Min Sam in order to publish her super nice craftwork on our Ibabiesclub's FB Page~ And thanks a lot to this lovely mummy, she immediately sent over all the details to us~ Thanks Min MIn! ^^ And i'm going to publish all the details in another post, do click on link below for details!

这是号外篇~日前看到了好友MIn Min 在脸书Po了和孩子博博一起完成的舞狮手作挂饰,就是上图的那只神气舞狮啦!超神气的,又略带可爱~我是十分喜欢!然后自己也完成了一个(但是不太神气,哈哈!),但因为我都是用自己家里剩下的材料来变通,所以想说不太容易介绍给大家。没关系,赶快联络Min Min去~她当然是很乐意啦,还为我准备了高象素流程图,真是太好了!几经考虑,我还是在照片上放了原著的名字(本来Min Min是让我放Ibabiesclub的水印啦~),毕竟这是Min Min的辛苦成品,还是要归还给她的~得到同意刊登我们已经很开心了~Min,谢谢你啦! ^^ 因为Min Min附上了详细解说,所以我决定给她另开一个新篇幅。点击以下链接就看到啦!

✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          ✿          

Free Printable Activities ✿例行打印作业活动

It is just too good to have a Do-a-dot pen! XD
We used it for our CNY Theme activities today~
All the material are from this web page:
or you may visit to Ms.Bear Lim web site which also provided very interesting CNY free printable as well!

自从有了DIY Do-a-dot pen, tot school 就更加开心啦~因为小朋友是太喜欢了~ ^^
完成了第一个游戏后再要求进行第二个,整个欲罢不能就是! XD
[我们之前有分享了有关DIY Do a dot pen的制作资料,大家可以查看之前我们在FB的分享]
这些Free Printable是我老早前准备的~以下是网页,内有好多页,我选了一些适合的打印而已。

昨天,Bear Lim 又分享了一些她有关农历新年的Free Printable,哎呀!我已经印了一堆,不能再浪费了~不过还是要和大家分享好物!:)

This is our DIY Do-a-dot pen, very low cost but the result is pretty nice~
很让妈妈满意孩子又开心的自制Do-a-dot pen~

To Be Continue~

Ibabiesclub do have some CNY related activity/product, you may click link below for details:

BAS008 Ibabiesclub Goat Fortune Bag 爱宝贝羊年福气满袋贺年福袋

Monday, 2 February 2015

BCA010 Felt Numbering Set ✿ 不织布免裁剪数字套装

Felt material is just like a magician, it can attach among each others without any bonding agent in between. That's why many foreign mummy like to use it during the making of child activity set. But of course, if we could have something made by felt material, with educational function, it shall be perfect right? And Ibabiesclub bring you this Felt Numbering Set which is another item that you shall never missed out especially during early numeracy introduction period to your little one.

不织布材料就像一个魔术师,不需要任何贴纸,胶水,任何粘贴物,两张不织可以相互“吸引”。这就是为什么很多国外的妈妈们,喜欢在为孩子准备活动时使用它。不过,当然,如果我们能有什么用不织布制成的,具有教育功能,会是更完美的事吗?^^ 所以今天爱宝贝就为你带来了不织布免裁减数字套哦~ 

Width around 3.5cm, will have minor variation for different number.
宽度大概3.5cm ;每个数字会大略不同。

Height around 6.0 cm, will have minor variation for different number.
高度大概6.0 cm ;每个数字会大略不同。

0-9 & + - x /  ; random color
数字 0-9 及 加减乘除 ; 颜色随机

Counting activity with my gal during Valentine's Theme Play~

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~
 just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :

Product Code 产品编号: BCA010
Product Price :  RM5.00 

Courier Fee [Pos Laju,5g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

Sunday, 1 February 2015

爱宝贝自制传统福字手工红包 ✿ Free Printable Angpao from Ibabiesclub

就要迎接好福气的洋洋得意年哦~ XD 农历新年当然是要尽量向晨慢慢解释各种关于农历新年的由来,传说等,好让她能慢慢了解这个传统节日。这些资料尚在准备中,完成后会在爱宝贝的面书和大家分享~

先和大家分享我们自己制作的福字手工红包封。本来打算让孩子“画”春联,但是想到她目前的状况大概很难完成,左思右想的,就把福字拿来做红包封吧,制作完毕我还可以将它用来包红包给晨呢~那很有意义吧!然后赶快开工,完成后马上发给了两个创意妈妈,Winnie Chew 和 Bear Lim,请她们和孩子一起完成~那时正在赶时间,所以给她们的是初稿,可是她们是非常有创意的将它完成~谢谢Winnie & Bear Lim!



这是Bear Mummy & Eva 的作品,有用棉花棒加上梅花哦~福气又带浪漫~
Bear Mummy 的部落格链接 :



本来想让她“挥春”,可是真的太小很难进行~所以就用Glittering Pen让她填色。但是也是很难,基本上是晨大概挤了一堆,然后妈妈帮她补救~ XD 志在参与感染气氛! ^^

Add up 4 little finger prints~

然后指印变灯笼啦~ :)
Tada~ Done!

Here with free printable Angpao design from Ibabiesclub, do enjoy your DIY session!

爱宝贝福字自制红包封 (A4 Size)  Ibabiesclub Free Printable AngPao
爱宝贝空白自制红包封 (A4 Size)  Ibabiesclub Blank Free Printable AngPao