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Montessori at Home (10) : Lego Theme Week ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 (10) : 乐高主题周

Chen likes Lego very much, she can play it alone for more than 30 minutes(sometimes) while mum is busy in kitchen. So i came out the idea of having a Lego week for her and she really enjoy it!

ღ Lego Instruction Book for Toddlers ღ 乐高自制拼拼书

I found many DIY Lego instruction book online, but anyway, when i compared it with the Lego set that i had, i found that i have to make a very personal DIY Lego Instruction Book, as those are not compatible with my Lego set. 

Basic blocks that i prepared 基本配件

First item that she completed, she insisted to add on the yellow one after completed, hmmm~ haha, ok, just let her add in! 第一个成品,接近了,下次再努力。

All the picture taken from plane view, and she studied for quite a long time then only completed the first one. After it, she refused to continue for others. :p Well, maybe too tough for her current age. But anyway, this is a very good games for patient and problems solving skill training, we try it next time!


ღ Lego Farm ღ 乐高农场

I get all the printed material from here~ This is a really fun games which my girl like it very much! Let me show you the photo~ [anyway, i don't have the exactly same duplo, so i modified it into what i could do with all the material on hand]

这个游戏晨是超喜欢的,我在这里打印出所有教材后然后配合孩子的年龄稍微修改玩法[因为打印出来才发现很多color blocks我都没有]~。以下和大家分享我们游戏时的照片~

Animal Farm Tray 农场动物来了~
i don't have the exactly same bricks as in picture, but i replaced with same shape but in another color. After this, i found that the block that i build as head all are without eyes, so i came out with ideas that to let my girl to stick googly eyes for it!

Baby, what is missing from the animals?


Happily, she started to stick on the googly eyes~

Done! She started to have pretend play with the animals! ^^
完成!然后很开心的开始“演戏” ~

Next, match the duplo farm animals with the reading card.

Matching with outline

Completed happily!

Matching with shadow~



Hu! That was a really fun games we had for lego theme! I kept this game set on our tot school cabinet, and she will take it out and played with it happily everyday during the week! ^^


ღ Lego Counting Activity ღ 乐高数一数

I downloaded this material online, printed it out and laminated as i think i will still need it for others activity. This is an easy games as just match the brick to the empty square box. Once i put the material on table and this little gal started the game by her own~


ღ Lego Creative Art Paint ღ 乐高创意培养时间

I think i don't have to further explain on this session, look at pictures below and you will know what to prepare for the activitiy~

这个应该也不须多作解释,看看图解吧! ^^

water color + duplo bricks

ღ Lego Fine Motor Playღ 乐高精细动作培养时间

This is what i learned from here:
It looks really fun and i'm sure my gal will love it, so i bought the marbles and started the game~

Information below is adapted from :

Balancing Marbles

Your child can place a marble on every hole or have fun creating patterns. If your child is having too much trouble balancing the marbles on the tops of the bricks, the holes on the bottom are larger and therefore easier to balance marbles on.  If you don't have marbles, they could balance small pieces of cereal or pony beads as an alternative.

** Sweet Reminder : Do have close monitoring whenever playing with marbles, as it may cause choking for children if they put it inside their mouth.
** 温馨提醒,弹珠是容易造成窒息的危险小物,切勿让孩子独自进行这个活动。

Expansion from this activity, you may provide a tweezer tong for your little ones to take up the marbles and then only put onto duplo bricks. 

ღ Lego Fine Motor Play with chopstickღ 乐高筷子精细动作培养时间

You can read the details from our previous post / 可以点击这里到我们之前的博文查看细节

Task completed! Yeah! Happy Montessori at home to all our readers! :)

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     * 

This is the basic duplo set that i bought.

** LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

** updated on 7-Dec-2014

ღ Lego Fine Motor Play with Pipette ღ 乐高及移液器精细动作培养时间

This is such a simple activity and it really helps with fine motor skills,and i bought the pipette set from Daiso~

We need to prepare Pipette, Duplo Blocks & Water~

After i demo for few times, then i let Chen to explore by her own.

Children have to use the pipette to transfer water into block as in picture

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