Saturday, 13 December 2014

Toddlers Activities Set Series ❤ 幼童不织布活动包 [BAS005 Ladybird Practical Life Activity Set]

BAS005 Ladybird Practical Life Activity Set


Can use for color matching games also


Ladybird Dimension : 23cm x 17cm

Early Practical Life Activities for toddlers are a great stepping stone for further learning. For daily life practice, children should know how to dressing up oneself, zipping and buttoning are of course the basic for it. And this frog prince practical life activity set may be an attractive starter set to train their buttoning and zipping skills.

What children can explore from this activity set :
Buttoning Skills
Zipping Skills
Exercise children fine motor skills when trying to buttoning or zipping
Can use for color matching games (button part) as well

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Product Code 产品编号: BAS005

Product Price :  RM12.00 
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 25g] : WM RM6 ; EM RM10

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