Monday, 12 January 2015

BET018 The Perilous Plank Puzzle ✿ 小熊迷宫游戏

This is typical puzzle maze game, it more suitable for more large year old age children to play and use their brain turning. Little bear bridge, can be train their observation, spatial thinking skill, global conceived capability, gradually develop clear thinking. Packaging included multi language instruction, game rules and method also clear and easy, more detail will be show in bellow.
Toys part:
- 1 game board
- 1 little bear (with magnetic feet)
- 5 block planks (magnetic will be fix on the middle of block plank): included 2 short planks, 2 medium planks and 1 long plank.
- 20 tree stumps
- 40 beginner to expert challenge cards
- 1 travel bag
- 1 paper of instruction with Chinese version
- 1 book of instruction with English version
Your job is to help the Bear find a route across the critter-infested river, luckily, tree stumps dot the crossing, and a few handy old planks are nearby. The Bear must reach the planks, bridge the stumps, and avoid the hungry jaws in the water below just waiting for a false step.
Actual Size: Game Board (20 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm); Littler Bear 3.5cm
Material: Plastic
Suitable Age: 3 years old++
Weight: 500g
- 1 个游戏盘
- 1 只小熊(脚底带磁铁)
- 5 块木板(中间带磁铁): 2块短木板,2块中木板,1块长木板
- 20 个树桩
- 40 张提卡(从新手,中级,高级 到 专家级)
- 1 个旅行袋
- 1 张中文说明书
- 1 本英文说明书
游戏盘尺寸: (20 x 12.5 x 1.5) cm; 小熊 3.5cm
重量: 500g

Game board

Little bear style 

Magnetic with plank and bear

English version with Instruction  

40 challenge cards

Travel Bag

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