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Tot School (16) : BusTheme Play 巴士主题周

Toddler Age : 30M+ or 2years 6 months +
主题对象:30个月 或 两岁6个月大的孩童

This gonna be another fast and brief report style post as we are rushing back to kampung soon~ [ balik kampung again~ ]. And most of the material again from Mummy Bear Lim and as usual i added on something which suit to Chen again.

这将是一个简短报告式的博文,因为我们又要赶着回乡啦~~多谢Bear Lim总是很细心的为Eva准备好多精彩的教具/材,然后我就可以很简易的打印她的教材~当然,一如既往,我也加了一些适合晨的额外单元。

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Sing Along Session: Wheels on the Bus
Chen like "Wheels on the bus" very much and always sing it together with actions. And this is really a good action songs which kids may enjoy. I compiled the lyrics and suitable pictures that i get online and printed out for her. After first introduction to her, now she will go to take out the lyrics and sing (with actions) the song~ And below is the video sharing from besttoys4toddlers , if you got no idea on how to sing and dance with this nursery rhyme, you may refer to it!
晨很喜欢这首歌,常常自己哼起然后还配合一些小动作呢~所以这次配合主题我也为她制作了她常唱的歌词(都是取自网络,我只是将需要及适合的部分结合起来)。如果你需要看看别人怎么加入动作,可以看看besttoys4toddlers 的影片分享,我不是很好意思把自己的影片po上来。哈哈!
如果你也需要歌词,可以从这里下载~ If you need the lyrics also, you may refer to my copy if you don't mind~ ^^
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Color Matching Worksheet
Another simple worksheet that i created, color matching for Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Green & Purple. Yup, add in black & brown into our daily practise to expose her with more colors name.
If you don't have color stickers, you may use coloring method as well~

Again, she said, Mummy, i don't want to take photos!

Done~ Buses in different color wheels.
 *        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Bus Count & Clip Cards
Free Printable from Teachers Pay Teachers, and she like it very much!
And surprisingly, Chen finally can count and recognise most of the number~ :)
很可爱的Count & Clip Cards, 可以从 Teachers Pay Teachers 免费打印出来。这算是比较新的尝试(我还没有介绍过这样的游戏给她,或许因为这样,她很喜欢)。很意外发现,晨突然会数了(之前都是手指乱指,什么都是数到十~),然后大多数的数字也认得了。这是妈妈的小礼物~还是那句,孩子的成长里的每一小步就是来得那么突然~

其他的都是直接从Bear Lim那里直接打印出的教材咯~
Number Matching Games from Mummy Bear Lim
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Bonus : Recycle Box Marbles Play
 Inspired from sharing in Pinterest again and i got all the materials on hand so why not just make one for my little gal~
Materials : marbles, toilet roll, recycle box

Just use your own method to fix the toilet roll inside recycle box will do. And you may decorate it as well~

This may look like a simple game which for fun only. But actually it is not easy for a toddler to control the movement of the mini ball. Kids may learn how to control the ball to different direction from this game and help on concentration buildiing as well.
Ok, that's all for this week! Hope you will enjoy reading on this post! Have a nice day!
 ** All Rights Reserved | NOT for Re-Sale | Files are for personal use ONLY | Please share the link to the blog and NOT the files, thank you! And for others resources that we get from others, we already linked it to the original post~ thanks all for sharing!
教材里面有些图片是取自网络,所以我们的打印教材只供个人用途,不能够转售或作商业用途~欢迎分享我们的教材,但是记得是连接到我们的部落格或面书,而非直接连接至教材哦~谢谢当中我们也提到了一些很好的资源,我们已经在文内直接连接至资源本文啦!也谢谢大家的分享! ^^

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