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Tot School (15) : Easter Theme Play 复活节主题周

Hmm, it is a tough task for me to explain on : What is Easter? to a 2years old toddler. Anyway, i tried to search information online and below are reference in both English & Mandarin.

Easter Name Recognition Activity

To make this layered Easter Egg:

1. Cut out 6 Easter egg shapes of the same size ( or follow the number of letters that you need)

2. Cut a zigzag line near the top of one of the eggs. Then cut a zigzag line a littler further down on the next egg. Repeat this step for the others ( and skip this step for one of the eggs, it will be the bottom layer of our Easter Egg ).

3. Let your kids do coloring on all the eggs.

4. Write on their name and done!

What can we do with this Name Recognition Easter Egg?
Children can arrange it according size sequence [size sequence learning oppurtunity], and after complete, they can see their name in vertical line.

After coloring

Completed with name

Inspired by:

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Easter Early Numeracy/Counting Activity

Easter occurs in spring, lots of flowers are associated with spring and Easter festivals. And inspired by sharing on Pinterest again, i prepared this flower early numeracy busy bag for my gal. Pictures below will show on how i make it.

复活节都在春天,所以和美丽盛开的花朵也有密切关系呀~在Pinterest看到了和花朵有关的Busy Bag分享,稍微修改玩法就是个适合我家小朋友的小玩意啦!

Number felt is available in Ibabiesclub ; 可以从这里取得数字不织布

Stick on any number on velcro and let your children clip on pegs (which represent petals) around it.

Number 10 with 10 petals (pegs)

inspired by:

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Easter Themed Worksheet
Just came back from a short vacation, so i didn't prepared any worksheet for it. Anyway, shared the resources which i get online here.
Scissor Practise, and this is the very first time which my gal completed all the cutting practise by herself.
source link:

Easter Do a Dot Printables from here :
and i printed out suitable worksheet only
接下来都是Do a Dot练习(链接在上面),我选了适合的打印出来而已~

Pattern Learning

 *        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Easter Ice Eggs Painting Activity

Yup, last activity for our Easter Themed week, ice eggs painting fun~
Inspired by Bear Lim also~
最后进行的就是复活蛋彩绘活动啦~看了Mummy Bear Lim的Rainbow Themed Play后觉得可以制成冰鸡蛋来彩绘。遍寻不着适合的鸡蛋模型,后来。。。就带着晨去扭蛋机前用RM1扭个鸡蛋回来啦! XD
From Mummy Bear Lim 

Egg mold from egg vending machine which you can see in most of the stationery shops, coffee shops & etc

Painting on Ice Eggs

add on salt (make melting process faster)

paint on salt

add in warm water(make melting process faster)

Done! And Happy Easter! :)

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