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在家学字母 Now i know my ABC's : Letter D

Going to have another short vacation, hmmm, so this will be just another short and brief post! XD

Basic content of this Letter C Learning Week is similar to Letter A&B, do refer to Letter A Learning Week Post, if you would like to get those free printable links. :)
基本内容都和字母A,B相同,这里就简单介绍一些另外添加的活动而已 。如果你需要打印教材的连接,请翻阅我们的字母A活动周介绍~


Build Letter D with Lego & Pattern Blocks

Add in Geoboard (Finally! ^^)
终于加入了Geoboard。我不太敢用pushpin来制作DIY Geoboard,所以也一直拖了很久。现在终于败回来了,可以开始使用咯!

 D says [Phonics Exposure]
i'm not an expert in phonics, so for me i just to expose my girl to phonics and introduce the basic her only. I made a DIY drum for Chen, it is a combination from balloon, plastic container, recycle chopstick & Pom Pom Balls! Simple and easy homemade toys, but Chen like it very much! She kept telling me, "Mummy, i wanna play drum~"
我本身也不会Phonics,现在是跟孩子一起学习。所以,都也只是一些基本介绍。配合[d],[d]也DIY了一个鼓。用气球来做鼓面,鼓棒则是木筷子+Pom Pom~十分简单,可是小朋友很喜欢。
 Dd Dinosaur Craft

 Dd Donuts
Felt donut for Chen's kitchen pretend play. And i "prepared" 3 different donut glaze (vanilla, chocolate & strawberry), so she can prepare her donuts for customer according to their order. And she feed her dinosaurs with donuts, Letter D is so much fun with donuts and dinosaurs!

Above are part of our Letter Dd activities. The rest are normal worksheet activites, i skipped the photo for this round. Anyway, we do also have some simple homeplay activities (which i prepared immediately after saw the post).
以上是部分字母D的活动,其他的就是一些 Worksheet 活动,因为没有拍到照片(也是重复性的活动)所以这次就没有分享啦~字母活动其实相当简短,所以我同时也让晨进行一些其他活动。

Dice Play [counting practise] from Mummy Bear Lim

Please refer to Mummy Bear Lim's blog for details :)
详细内容 就参考Bear 的介绍吧~

Measure, Cut & Glue from Mummy Jennifer Lee
What you need:
Paper, scissor & glue
( i draw the cutting line on a red color paper and let this little girl to cut out as she kept requesting on cutting practise on the day )
Chen spent more than 30 minutes to finish all. Hehe, great activitiy! :p
挺耗时间的活动,妈妈可以在旁剪自己的东西~ :p

** All Rights Reserved | NOT for Re-Sale | Files are for personal use ONLY | Please share the link to the blog and NOT the files, thank you! And for others resources that we get from others, we already linked it to the original post~ thanks all for sharing!
教材里面有些图片是取自网络,所以我们的打印教材只供个人用途,不能够转售或作商业用途~欢迎分享我们的教材,但是记得是连接到我们的部落格或面书,而非直接连接至教材哦~谢谢当中我们也提到了一些很好的资源,我们已经在文内直接连接至资源本文啦!也谢谢大家的分享! ^^

Click here for quick reference list of our alphabets learning (From A to Z)
[we attached the list at the end of our Letter Aa post]


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