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在家学字母 Now i know my ABC's : Letter B

Basic content of this Letter B Learning Week is similar to Letter A, do refer to Letter A Learning Week Post, if you would like to get those free printable links. :)
基本内容都和字母A相同,这里就简单介绍一些另外添加的活动而已 。如果你需要打印教材的连接,请翻阅我们的字母A活动周介绍~

 Phonics song from Jolly Phonics

Ball Lacing

Details please refer to our previous post about Beach Themed Homeplay
拿出之前主题周制作的Ball Lacing小游戏来进行,B for Ball, Ball Lacing~

Gluing Practice 贴图练习
Decorate B with Balls worksheet from Bear Lim~
For those who purchase mommy Bear Lim's alphabet and number cards can request the printable material for free~ 
Bear Lim的字母卡首卖时我就购买了(有购买者可以向她索取免费字母打印教材),所以赶得上纳入我们学习B的活动内~小朋友将球堆积一起,结果最后事先准备好的球就不够啦~唯有马上用手画出来让小朋友上色~ 

B, Ball sorting Practise 球大小分类活动
After she finished her size sorting practise, she played with those Pom Pom ball and suddenly she told me: "Mummy, this is Mickey!"  XD
大小分类游戏,用中文字取代英文,让小朋友开始和中文做朋友~ :) 游戏结束后,小朋友拿着大大小小的绒毛球把玩着,突然她对我说,妈妈,是Mickey!XD

Lego B
Fun & playful way to introduce alphabet letters to toddlers and preschoolers using kid favorite Lego Duplos.
Free Printable Source / 免费字母拼板打印教材 : 123homeschool4me

Pattern Blocks Bb
Free Printable Source / 免费字母拼板打印教材 :  Confessions of a Homeschooler

Letter familiarity : Painting on chalk letters with water
And free painting on recycled cardboard~
简单的户外活动。我用粉笔写上Bb,然后让孩子用小paint brush刷上水~
**之后拿出“收藏”很久最近收拾工作室时终于找到的废纸盒垫。今天就一起进行Free Painting活动。

Letter B, Button
Button color sorting activity

Putting buttons on Letter Bb felt card and count how many buttons we put for each card~ 简单的字母Bb活动。B,buttons。将纽扣分别填满字母 Bb,然后两人目测猜看那个字母用得比较多。结果是小朋友胜出~ 将所用到的纽扣排成一排,并一面数量,同时可以练习数量~

Letter B, Bear
Bear's dot sticker matching activity. You may get this free printable here: Bb Bear

 Push Pin Bb
Zero cost activity ^^

 B, Bus
Took out previous Bus Themed Homeplay material to play again.

Do a dot
Free Printable Source / 免费字母拼板打印教材 : The Measured Mom

B, Butterfly craft

B, Boat
Ice boat experiment
Ice Cube Boat

sailing tracks with rough surface and smooth surface. Let's try what is the effect of surface roughness to the boat

Rough surface will make the boat stuck in the track.
B, Bread
Bread making session (by using bread machine)

Letter Bb Construction

** All Rights Reserved | NOT for Re-Sale | Files are for personal use ONLY | Please share the link to the blog and NOT the files, thank you! And for others resources that we get from others, we already linked it to the original post~ thanks all for sharing!
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Click here for quick reference list of our alphabets learning (From A to Z)
[we attached the list at the end of our Letter Aa post]

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