Thursday, 9 June 2016

Operation Games

Operation Games:

[1] Pom Pom Operation Games

An operation board game which need to do step by step together with children which is inspired from cintaandco from instagram.

Preparation : Pom pom balls, Push Pins, Elastic Bands, Tweezers/Chopstick

Prepared by Mummy

Demostration by Mummy


1. Push push pins into cork board
2. Hook rubber bands around the pins
3. Place pom pom into the boundary area which build up by rubber bands
4. Try using chopsticks to lift those pom pom balls out without touching the sides of the rubber bands

And here is how little girl carried out this pom pom operation!

Step 1 & 2

Place in pom pom balls

Try using chopstick & tweezers to lift those pom pom balls out without touching the sides of the rubber bands

A game which is great for fine motor skills development and of course again provide good quality time between little girl and me! Happy Trying!

Check out link below for material source(if you need it):
1. Tweezers

2. Pom pom balls

[2] Pom pom balls Balancing Operation Game

¤fine motor and hand eyes coordination practice¤

Material list:
* any container with play dough as base
* straws
* pom pom balls
* scissors
* tweezers

How we play:
※ cut straws into the length that you need (parents may draw line for little ones to cut following the guidance line)
※ press straws into play dough
※ place pom pom balls on the top of straws by using tweezers(or fingers)
※ additional steps:
Suggestions from little gal, we can move pom pom balls back to tray from top of straws as well before ending the game

Simple game with simple material list, you may try it anytime!
Material list

Cut straws into desired length

Press in straws

Place on pom pom balls

Done! And you may try to move back the pom pom balls back to tray one by one now.

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