Monday, 30 May 2016

Tot School - Leaf play time

Leaf learning is the tot school with low cost and easy to get the material at your home. I use this leaf to play in 3 games at 1 time.

Now let's we talk about the material
  • Leaf ( I use mint leaf)
  • Paper (recycle paper A3)
  • Color pen
  • Glue

Counting game
First, I draw out 5 numbers with simple frame to separate by each row. Let him to follow by the row do counting and put the quantity leaf with the row number are showing.  
Purpose of this game is for him to recall the counting and number.

Place the leave game
First I draw a simple flower shape. So ask him use the glue to stick the leaf follow by the real place.
Purpose of this game is for him learn from imagination, hand-eye coordination, and help the leaf paint glue.

Make a TREE
I draw a tree without leaf and ask him use the leaf to make a tree.
Purpose of this game is for him do the imagination.

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