Monday, 25 July 2016

DIY Felt Memory Board 自制不织布记忆板

Playing Mandala Training Games recently and little girl looks interested in memory training game. Making use on what i had on hand, i made this DIY Felt Memory Board for her. And what we need to make it is just Felt material and Velcro~


Material : Felt and Velcro

You may get all the materials from here : SHOP

★ Prepare felt board as in picture. You may decide number of columns according to the difficulty level that suit to your little one. I prepared a nine columns board for my little one.
★ Cut felt in various colors into round shape and actually it can be in any shapes that you like.
★ Stick velcro onto each columns and it is ready to play. Prepare two set, one is for parents to prepare the question, and another is answer sheet. And you may start your game anytime. 😊

这个记忆板的所需要的材料很简单,就是不织布及魔术贴而已 (材料可以从这里购买:SHOP )




How to play:
1. Parent set the question and let children to view for 5-10seconds.
2. Close the question card and let children to answer.
Let's do brain exercise together~

1. 家长将题目设置好后让孩子看5-10s。之后题目板盖起来。
2. 让孩子开始作答再对答案。

** Velcro are good to attach Pom Pom Balls as well, you may use Pom Pom Balls to make it more interesting! :)

** If you don't have any Velcro may just directly put the pom pom balls or felt dots on the board. But of course using Velcro will make it easier to use as it will create good bonding with felt and pom pom balls as in picture below.

Remember, using hooks surface for this attachment function ya!

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