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Preschool/Toddler STEM Activities (Part 1)

STEM = Science Technology Engineering and Math

Kids love finding out how things work through fun, hands-on projects. And thanks to sharing from creative parents/teachers all around the world, we able to carry on simple STEM activities to our toddlers at home. And here with 5 STEM activities that we went through recently. 

其实从来没有想过要和小朋友进行有关科学书里工程相关的活动,毕竟像对我来说,我也是在中学时期才上科学课呀~很感谢网络的发达,让我认识了STEM这个词汇,然后去研究一下到底可以和小朋友们进行什么和STEM相关的游戏呢?然后从网络家长/老师们热情的分享,慢慢的也开始了我们的STEM Activities. 以下先附上其中5个。

1. Math : Simple Toddler Addition Station ✪ 简单自制的加法箱


Exposure to addition
☆preparation : Addition Bin as in above picture, any counters that you have (as long as can put inside the toilet roll will do), question cards

主要是让孩子看看什么是“加” 。孩子要根据题目卡分别置入相等的物件。然后从“等于箱子”里观察答案。

Get question card and prepare Castor Beans in equal quantity
Move the Caster Beans into Equal Bin

count for the answer

"Equation Bin" , children can get the answer from this bin.

2. Science : Magnets Play ✪ 磁性和非磁性实验

☆ to test whether an object is belong to magnetic items or not
☆prepared few types of material (stones, steel ring, pom pom balls & etc) and put inside colorful eggs separately
☆ use a magnetic stick to test
☆ record the result

☆将不同性质的物品置入不同彩蛋内,然后进行 magnetic test
☆也开始记录我们的科学小实验结果(看见 Mummy Folvin Goh 感性的分享说,日后这本 journal会是她和孩子的回忆,我马上也找机会来做一本~)


A sad face for Non-Magnetic items

Record for future reference

3. Science : Reaction between Baking Soda and Vinegar ✪ 看看 醋+baking soda 会产生什么?

Material List: Baking Soda , Vinegar, empty bottle, balloon

→ fill empty bottle with vinegar
→ fill balloon with baking soda [two to three TBSP will be enough]
→ attach balloon to bottle and slowly pour in baking soda
→ enjoy the magic moment!

看看 醋+baking soda 会产生什么?

Prepared material following instruction in Science Journal

Poured in baking soda


Record done by little girl and "touch up" by mummy

4. Math : greater than, less than, equal to ✪ 大于,小于,等于

☆ prepared two mini containers for each group of number to put in water beads in same quantity as in question cards

Prepared two mini container for the number, toddler can observe the actual quantity instead of looking at number only.

A big mouth is for group with more objects!

4. Milk Art ✪ 简单牛奶艺术画

Milk Art (which to use up our expired milk)
Material list:
※ Milk
※ food coloring
※ dish soap (mixed with small amount of water)
※ cotton buds/Q tips
※ any shallow container, i used baking tray

1. Pour milk into the container.
2. Add in food coloring onto the milk.
3. Dip cotton bud in dish soap.
4. Finally touch the food coloring which on milk surface and you may see the magic art between the reaction with dish soap and milk.

Simple Science Behind Magic Milk Art
Milk is made up of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. When the soap is added to the milk is breaks apart the protein and the fats. The soap heads for the fats creating the cool bursting of color. When there is no more movement, all the fat molecules have been found. Are there any more hiding? Try another q-tip dipped in soap! 
source : littlebinsforlittlehands

※ 牛奶
※ 食用颜料
※ 棉花棒
※ 洗碗剂(加些清水混合)
※ 棉花棒
※ 一个宽而浅的容器
1. 将牛奶倒入容器。然后随意滴上颜料。
2. 棉花棒一端沾上洗碗剂。
3. 用沾有洗碗剂的棉花棒触碰混入牛奶内的颜料。这时你就可以看到在颜料漂亮的瞬间变化。


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