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BET022 Organ Toobs and 3-Part Cards Set 人体器官迷你模型配套

Planned to have Human Body Themed Play for a very long time but it is not an easy task for me as even myself was not really confident on all the related facts. Hence, the preparation job is important, one of the tool that i get is Organ Toobs and 3-Part Cards Set. And we do bring in for parents who need this as well. We designed 3-part cards for this Organs Figurine Set and it can be using as flash card also.

计划要给小人儿来个‘我们的身体’的介绍好久了,拖了好长的日子主要是因为自己在这方面的知识也不足需要收集足够的教材才能开始呀~后来终于找到了了这款正版的Safari Toobs,然后再花了好长的日子制作3-Part Cards及配对游戏。终于,我们可以正式推出这款好多朋友已在询问的人体器官迷你模型配套啦~

Product Details / 产品内容 :

BET022 including:

💙 Organs Set : 8pcs mini figurines (size 4-5cm) 八个尺寸介于4-5cm的迷你器官模型
💙 3-Part Cards Sets 相关的3 Part Cards
💙 Free Printable [Human Body Organs Match Sheet]  in PDF Format which will be sending by email/through FB Message Inbox 免费的器官配对游戏,我们会把soft copy的文件发到购买者的email或者面书信箱

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Product Code 产品编号: BET022 Organ Toobs and 3-Part Cards Set

Product Price :  RM50

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Human Body Themed Play 认识我们的身体

💙 Blood Sensory Bin

Explained " What is blood made of?" to little girl by using simple Blood Sensory Bin & information from USborne Lift-The-Flap Book(i get from MyRainbow).

Blood Sensory Bin :
Red Sago (i tried to dyed Sago into red color but not really success) = Red Blood Cells (that carry oxygen)

Small round stones in white color = White Blood Cells (that fight germs, bacteria and virusses)

Craft Foam Pieces = Platelets (that help heal cuts)

Water = Plasma (helps the blood move through veins and arteries)

After brief explanation, i put all the mini organ toobs inside the sensory bin and started our matching activity.

You may get this free printable(soft copy) upon the purchase of BET022 Organ Toobs and 3-Part Cards Set
想让小人儿认识人体器官,认识血液,结果发现自己也不太有知识,哈哈。幸好有先见之明的预先买了两本human body的书回来。恶补一下,总算还能简单介绍~
做了blood sensory bin,想把sago染成血红色充当红血球结果没有很成功。不过小人儿还可以配合我说的想象一下,妈妈勉强过关啦~ 

💙 3-Part Cards Matching Activity

Material List:
BET022 Organ Toobs and 3-Part Cards Set


💙 Eyes Themed Mathematics Station to introduce odd numbers and even numbers

Material List:
* Googly eyes (or any eyes toys on hand)
* Number Magnet 1-10
* Odd Numbers & Even Number Explanation Cards
* small cards with "odd" & "even“ on it (5pcs for each word)

How we play:
1. Arrange number magnet from 1-10
2. Arrange googly eyes below each numbers with equivalent quantity
3. Parents may explain concept of odd/even numbers which little ones arrange the googly eyes. Try to let them to arrange the googly eyes in pair, and explain to them that eyes must be in pair or else it will cry(due to loneliness). An eye which without friend is odd number.
4. After completed step 2, take out cards with "odd" and "even", and let our little ones to determine the answer by own.
Done, and it is great and fun activities to introduce "odd and even" by googly eyes, little girl can get the concept easily through this activity.

* 大量活动眼
* 数字 1-10
* 解释单数及复数的卡片
* 10张各写上单数及复数的小卡(各5张)

1. 先让小人儿顺序排列1-10
2. 在每个数字下面放置同等数量的活动眼
3. 家长们可以指导小朋友们用一对对的方式排列。在从中解释,如果没有朋友陪伴的眼睛会伤心呀,那么就是单数。通过眼睛要是一对对的概念,让小朋友们从中掌握单数复数的意思。
4.重复,直到完成。接着就可以拿出"odd" & "even"小卡片,让小朋友们观察排列的情况,从中决定那个数字是单数还是双数。

💙 Learning about Bones : Why do i have bones?

Material lists:
* Playdough
* Straws

Introduced little girl about bones through USborne Lift-The-Flap Book(i get from MyRainbow) and playdough session. Our bones fit together to make up skeleton which holds our body up and help us to move around. But, how to explain this to toddlers? How we do below experiment to show to them! :)


Build two playdough man, which one of it we insert straws inside as bone. Combine all the parts and try to make the playdough man standing up. Do check result on both playdough man to see what is the different. :)


Tadaa!! Here is the result!

💙 Words Building Activity 单字拼拼乐

Simple words building activity with our ABC Wooden Tiles  and set of BET022 Organ Toobs and 3-Part Cards Set.


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