Tuesday, 23 August 2016

BET024 Thorn Ball

Special for Ibabiesclub. 特别为爱宝贝做的猫头鹰。
This toys have fun and also is a creative toys. Thorn Ball able to let the fantasy of a different design ideas. Inside the package included accessories to make different of the design idea with colorful Thorn Ball to build an artwork.
The Thorn Ball can easily to take out and buckle, this game is fun and easy.

这个玩具富有创意性的玩具。Thorn Ball 可以任由孩子天马行空的幻想及变化出不同的设计。里面还包含了配件,可以让孩子随意的用不同彩色的Thorn Ball 和配件来创作一个具有特别的艺术品。
这个Thorn Ball 可以自由拆开及扣上,是一个非常简单的游戏。

Accessories 配件

Making his own monster. DIY 自己的怪兽。

Fishing 钓鱼

Packaging 包装
Thorn Ball Package
  • 400 pieces Thorn Ball with 8 colors
  • 36 accessories

Available age: 4 years ++

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Product Code 产品编号: BET024 Thorn Ball

Product Price :  RM35.00

Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 600g] : WM RM8 ; EM RM10

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