Monday, 2 February 2015

BCA010 Felt Numbering Set ✿ 不织布免裁剪数字套装

Felt material is just like a magician, it can attach among each others without any bonding agent in between. That's why many foreign mummy like to use it during the making of child activity set. But of course, if we could have something made by felt material, with educational function, it shall be perfect right? And Ibabiesclub bring you this Felt Numbering Set which is another item that you shall never missed out especially during early numeracy introduction period to your little one.

不织布材料就像一个魔术师,不需要任何贴纸,胶水,任何粘贴物,两张不织可以相互“吸引”。这就是为什么很多国外的妈妈们,喜欢在为孩子准备活动时使用它。不过,当然,如果我们能有什么用不织布制成的,具有教育功能,会是更完美的事吗?^^ 所以今天爱宝贝就为你带来了不织布免裁减数字套哦~ 

Width around 3.5cm, will have minor variation for different number.
宽度大概3.5cm ;每个数字会大略不同。

Height around 6.0 cm, will have minor variation for different number.
高度大概6.0 cm ;每个数字会大略不同。

0-9 & + - x /  ; random color
数字 0-9 及 加减乘除 ; 颜色随机

Counting activity with my gal during Valentine's Theme Play~

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Product Code 产品编号: BCA010
Product Price :  RM5.00 

Courier Fee [Pos Laju,5g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

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