Monday, 16 February 2015

Toddler Busy Bags (3) : Felt Face Parts Game

This is just another last minutes hardwork before long holiday ~

Since this is a last minutes job, so i just try to come out a busy bag which can be done with materials on hand, and finally i completed this within 20 minutes : Felt Face Parts Game~

Main Material : Felt
I cut out a big circle as face, and then add in some pom pom balls in various color, googly eyes (i glued on a small piece of felt behind the googly eyes, so it can attach to felt face easily), pipecleaner, and any suitable material that you feel suitable for this activity.

A Very Simple Busy Bag
Magic Time! All the material can attach to each others without glue~ :)

As for the hair part, i used clothespin for it as my girl like to play with clothespin very much~
P/S: clothespin exercise can help to improve children fine motor skills~

Got to go~
Happy New Year! ^^

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