Friday, 13 March 2015

Montessori at Home-year 1 (1) : Bubble Bath ♥ 在家蒙特梭利 一岁 (1) : 泡泡浴

Very long time never post my boy play time activity. Normally I'm doing the game is more easy can be let my boy to play. Because he still small, if too hard for him still not suitable. Some more he likes to play game like more practical part same as me. So I decide to let him to play this type of game for further.
This type of game can let him to learn color and bubble look, quite enjoying with this game. After this game can direct to let him to help me to clean my bath room and take bath together. So will make more longer time for him play with the water.
Food Coloring, Dish Wash, Plain Water
 I use Dish Wash : Plain Water (1:8) with 1 drop of food coloring, If you like more darkness can adjust the color that you like. Then use the hand whisk machine to beat it. Get the bubble out and put into the basin as show in below.

This time I'm using pink color to make bubble. Actually I'm trying to make red color bubble, but the end fail. haha.... What ever I'm make a pink to let my boy learn from beginning.

First try to see the pink color bubble, he feel like so amazing. Not because of the color, it because of the bubble.
He trying to use the bubble to wash his face.
Second time, I'm trying to make blue color bubble. This time I had do some adjustment as I change the dish wash to shower bath. The bubble result it look smooth, but easy to get watering.
After try pink, he look more vitality and happy enjoy with the bubble.
This time he know how to use the bubble to clean up my bath room.
He trying to use his hand to stir it, then to make more bubble. So cute and easy of his mind thinking.

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