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Tot School (14) : Traffic Light Theme Play 交通灯主题周

Started our Traffic Light theme play week with this mini traffic light~
Daddy took initiative to prepare it for his little gal and it is 10000X better than what mummy expected.

Anyway, as i didn't take part during the process of making (busy in preparing others material for this theme play), so i didn't take any photo during the process. Anyhow, below are the resources that we are referring to:
Looking forward to see your traffic sign for your little ones!

个星期的 tot school主题是晨很喜欢的 traffic light~ 很临时决定要做这个主题,因为看到晨最近在车上都会很注意交通灯,她会说,妈妈,red 不可以走~green 了可以走了~所以想趁机将完整的概念让她了解一下。
临时的 project,做得很赶~再加上网络里没有足够的 worksheet material,所以真的是绞尽脑汁在做。


use a recycled chopstick to link up light tube and stand tube, and this make the light tube to rotate by rotating the stand tube
用一根竹筷将红绿灯[light tube]及支撑管[stand tube]连接起来,那么当我们转动支撑管时红绿灯就会跟着转变
** if you want to know how to prepare a light tube, you may refer to link that i attached above

Base Part

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *

Traffic Light Poem

**Get this traffic light poem online and combined it with traffic light picture to make it as a version which suited to us~ You may print it out for personal use if interested~


Free Printable:

Simple poem to introduce traffic light rules

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *

Coloring Activity

And of course, coloring still part of this theme week as well~ And i get it from online also. 

Free Printable Source:

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Cut & Paste Practise

Simple traffic light craft which involve cut & paste practise which both can be done by children by own. This is the very first time, Chen completed cut & paste process by own. Chen not really interested in cut & paste activity before this, always "run away" after tried for one or two times, mummy is always the one who completed previous job for her. But anyway, recently she like to use scissor very much and i guessed this is why she can completed the task today!

Prepare 4 colors paper : red, yellow, green & black
Let your little one either cut or tear the red/yellow/green color paper into smaller pieces
Paste it on black color paper and your traffic light is done!
*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Stop Light Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag activities develops gross motor skills and hand eye coordination. Bean bag throw is a fun play and teach your child to control her arm strength. For this activity, just fixed your toddler's position and let him/her to throw the color bean bag to stop light will do~


Color matching
bean bag dimension : 10cm x 10cm

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Balance the Bean Bag

Next, i showed to Chen how to walk around with bean bag on head. And again, she like it very much! Parents can encourage the children to walk around wearing the bean bag on their head as a balance and stability exercise. And of course can also try to put the bean bag on different parts of body as well.

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Traffic Light Buttoning Train Set

Yup, this activity set can be busy bag as well~ For daily life practice, children should know how to dressing up oneself, buttoning is of course the basic for it. And this traffic light buttoning practical life activity set may be an attractive starter set to train their buttoning skills.
纽扣是孩子们日常生活里重要的一环。孩子们终究都必须懂得自理,在穿衣这个环节,更是需要懂得应用各种不同的纽扣。配合这个主题就做了个交通灯造型的不织布纽扣游戏,小巧的体型,也适合拿来做busy bag!

material list : snap fasteners & colorful felt
简单材料:纽扣 ,彩色不织布
-you can get felt material from here,这里有售卖不织布-
you can use a yakult bottle to draw out the circle outline on a felt material and cut it out~ 你可以利用yakult瓶罐开口来帮忙裁剪出圆形

Done! It took me more than 30 minutes to complete this, as my sewing skill is not really good~

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Letter & Color Matching Activity

As free printable worksheet about traffic light theme online is limited, mummy was forced to work out few suitable worksheet for Chen, and this is one of it~ Simple letter and color matching worksheet from Ibabiesclub~ ^^


Click here for Ibabieclub's Free Printable : Letter & Color Matching

Sticker Time Again~


*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Traffic Light Craft

Simple traffic light craft, i let my girl to stick on the pom pom balls only~

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *
Invitation to Play

Well, this is very first time i tried on " Invitation to Play", but anyway, i think i "failed to invite my girl" for this as she didn't show me any surprise or happy look when i showed her the material box. And after playing for less than 15 minutes, she told me, mummy, i wanna play bean bag toss~ XD Well, ok, still a good opening for mummy, i'll improve my material box for coming theme play~ 
今天尝试了 Invitation to Play,制作了一个数字配对停车场,一些公路,然后配上一些相关的材料就成为了Invitation To Play的 material box。但是,小人儿看到了没有一点开心意外的表情~啊!然后玩不到15分钟就告诉我说,妈妈,我要玩丢丢(沙包)!好吧,好吧~希望下次我能准备其它更有趣的 material box给她~

Number Matching Car Park Lot

Material Box

Hopefully, next time will be better :)

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *

Traffic Light Dice Game

Few days before starting traffic light theme week and i came out with this idea, how about a dice game which using traffic light rules? Then i came out with this Traffic Light Dice Game.

Basic Rules :
Red means Stop : move 0 step forward
Yellow means Slow : move 1 step forward
Green means Go Go Go : move 2 steps forward
Participants : 2
Participants take turn to roll the 3 color dice (red, yellow, green) and can choose to color the dot, stamp on the dot, use do a dot marker, use sticker, push pin or anything suitable that on your hand.
The winner is the first one who reach home~

突发奇想的Dice Game。基本规则就是,扔到红色不可移动;黄色慢行可向前一步;青色继续走可向前2步。就是那么简单,先回到家的参加者就是赢家啦~今天我们用rubber stamp来Do a dot;你可以让孩子上色,用do a dot marker, sticker或图钉,就是手上有什么合适的都可以。

Three Color Dice :i use color sticker to stick on wooden dice.

-Click here for Traffic Light Dice Game Free Printable-

Ibabiesclub housemade dice game~

Summary : My little gal(2Y6M) not really can follow the game rules. She understand the game rules but what she like to just quickly fill in the dot with animal stamp~~ haha! anyway, is a good try for both of us!

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *

Traffic Light Pattern Worksheet

After Panda's theme Pattern Worksheet, this is second pattern sheet that i prepared for my girl. Share our free printable here as well :

for the color dots : if you need it can print out from here

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *

Traffic Light Do a Dot Worksheet

Since the content of this blog post is quite a lot, so i just directly show you all with picture and free printable ya~

-Traffic Light Do A Dot Free Printable-

You can use : Do a dot marker, coloring method, push pin as in picture, stamp, sticker , any method which your little ones may enjoy will do~
可以任选任何孩子喜欢的方式来进行Do a dot活动哦~

*        *        *         *       *        *        *        *         *       *       *        *        *         *       *

Traffic Light Lacing Busy Bag

Yup, this activity can be busy bag as well~ But anyway, all the material is what i had on hand, you can buy actual color ribbon, then it will be nicer~
另一个busy bag的点子,当然以下我所制作的都是从家中现有的材料来变通(减少浪费~),你们可以购买颜色比较接近的彩带,那么效果更好~

Material List

DIY Lacing String, just combined straw and ribbon with stappler will do
用钉书机将彩带和吸水管组合起即是简单的DIY Lacing Sting

Busy Bag Set is ready
简单的Busy Bag

Traffic Light Lacing Set

OhYeah~ Completed our Traffic Light Theme Play smoothly and happily! Hope you enjoy reading too! :)

** All Rights Reserved | NOT for Re-Sale | Files are for personal use ONLY | Please share the link to the blog and NOT the files, thank you! And for others resources that we get from others, we already linked it to the original post~ thanks all for sharing!

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