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BAS018 & BAS019 Domino Set

BAS018 Domino Numbering Set
BAS019 Domino Alphabet Set

好几个月前有个时期网络上好多妈妈都在 po有关Domino的分享,那时正好把握小人儿似乎开始认得了一些中文数字的黄金时期,我赶紧也随风制作了很简单的数字及中文数字配对的 Domino。然后想想,是哦,我的字母应该也可以应用同样概念也设计成Domino。所以就这样有了这两样产品~

各类的配对游戏是学前孩子学习的主要方法之一。通过这样的配对,孩子们很容易的就会熟悉数字及字母~虽然配对游戏种类繁多,但是这类 Domino配对也是其中可以在孩子幼童期介绍给他们的游戏。这样不仅让他们通过游戏学习也同时认识了 Domino游戏的玩法~

Few months ago i saw many posts about Domino, and I'm exposing my girl with Numbering in Chinese at the moment, the trend inspired me to design a Numbering Domino for my little girl. At the same time, i designed an Alphabet Domino by using characters and pictures from our Felt Alphabet Learning Set.

Matching games are one of the basic learning method for toddlers/preschoolers. There are many ways for matching games, Domino is one of the game that you should try as well. I found that many parents may not really know how to play Domino, so this is another good way to get know how to play Domino~

Product Details 商品详情:
Dimension 尺寸:5cm x 9.5cm
Mini size which convenience for parents to bring out. 尺寸是小巧不占位的,易于携带。

BAS018 Domino Numbering Set

BAS019 Domino Alphabet Set,was designed by using characters and pictures from our Felt Alphabet Learning Set. If you didn't purchase our Felt Alphabet Learning Set, we will provide Now i Know my ABC's poster(soft copy) upon your purchase of this Domino Alphabet Set.字母骨牌是完全依据我们的学前触感字母套装 来设计。若你没有购买我们的字母套装也没关系,我们会将爱宝贝的字母(PDF file)发给你~

 Now i Know my ABC's poster

Children always like to create their very personal way during games. Little girl combined two set and make a very long domino track!

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Domino Selling Price Details:
BAS018 Domino Numbering Set RM6
BAS019 Domino Alphabet Set RM10
Total RM16

If you wanna get both at the same time, Domino Combo Set is RM15

And for our Felt Alphabet Learning Set & Wheel Numbering Matching Game Game's customer, you may get it in below special price:
Domino Combo Set in RM10 only!
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Product Code 产品编号: BAS018 Domino Numbering Set
BAS019 Domino Alphabet Set

Product Price :
BAS018 RM6
BAS019 RM10
BAS018 + BAS019 = RM15
and special for our Felt Alphabet Learning Set & Wheel Numbering Matching Game customer:
BAS018 + BAS019 [special] = RM10 only!

Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 60g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10
Pos Ekspress : RM3.50

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