Tuesday, 5 January 2016

BAS021 Movable Alphabet 拼字字母卡

Another product upon request from our dear readers, Movable Alphabet~ I prepared movable alphabet for my little girl, and normally play together with our Felt Alphabet Learning Set. I'll let my little girl to do words matching activity using Movable Alphabet. We used dark pink color for vowels and blue color for others.

之前有发布过小人儿使用Movable Alphabet来拼字的照片,后来就陆续都有收到妈妈们有关Movable Alphabet的询问。鉴于如此,和伙伴商讨后就说不如帮妈妈们制作一些吧。我自己DIY的其实使用的是客制贴纸贴在白色纸卡上,然后这次我们制作的则是用打印。妈妈们放心,我们是请厂商打印在纸卡上(不是薄薄的A4纸~),然后厂商进行切割,所以卡片是整整齐齐的啦。

Product Details产品详情:

Dimension尺寸 : 3.5cm X 4cm
Each set including 3 full sets alphabet cards(lowercase, from a to z), total 26x3=78pcs mini cards.

This is how i stored these cards by using recycled cupcakes tray, you may get from bakery shop if you don't have. Anyway, this is my very first version Movable Alphabet, you may notice the size, color and font is different from our product actually.

Letter Matching in progress 拼字进行中

Click here to see more sample photos. 
之前也有使用在棕色的熊Tot School里,可以点击这里查阅。

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Product Code 产品编号: BAS021 Movable Alphabet

Product Price :  RM10
Special Price for Felt Alphabet Learning Set's customer : RM7

Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 40g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10
Pos Ekspress Envelope : RM3

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