Tuesday, 12 April 2016

BAS025 Own Spider Busy Bag

My son love spider very much. Keep request to sing Incy Wincy Spider song for every day. So now I try to make a spider for him and let him more real know about spider look.

This can be let kids train hand-eye coordination, focusing, creative, and make fun.
So now just simple to explain how to make this spider and material provided.

我的儿子很喜爱蜘蛛。差不多每一天都要和他唱Incy Wincy Spider 歌。 现在我就想说做一个蜘蛛让他更了解蜘蛛的模样。希望可以在教学里用到蜘蛛连串到故事里。


This is the basic material before start to do spider.
Material Detail:
4 units Pipecleaner 3mmx15cm
2units Pom Pom Balls
48 units Beads 8mm
2 unit Button (Spider Eye)

Color of the busy bag are random pick.

4 个 绒毛条 3mmx15cm
2个 绒毛球
48 个 珠子 8mm
2 个 纽扣 (蜘蛛的眼睛)


Tie middle of the Pipecleaner

Glue the Pom Pom Balls in middle of the Pipecleaner.

deng deng deng deng~~~~~ completed!
 Show off my sons playing time. Hehehe.....

New Hair style... hehehe....

One by One pull the beads into the right place.

Focusing doing his 1st spider

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