Tuesday, 26 April 2016

HomePlay : No Cost/Low Cost Toddler Activities at home 零花费/低花费的幼童活动 (3)

No/Low Cost activities are always my favorite(if with minimum preparation time needed will be perfect!) , below are some activities we had recently. :)

1. DIY Smiley Face Puzzle

Simple game for toddler to practice visual discrimination
Saw this idea from Instagram(bebeklibby), with simple materials (paper/card, Stickers) with all i have. I prepared the cards in advanced(draw a center line for each card), pass to little girl to decorate with smiley stickers. Cut with penknife along the center line, and our DIY was ready for fun!

We used smiley stickers which in different color and expression, so toddlers do practice their visual discrimination skill when they are trying to do matching for it.

If they can't get the right answer for it, you may give hints by let them know what is the color that they should search for on the parting line. At the same time, they can learn color as well. :)

Interesting simple game for me and little girl. Hope you will like it too!
Let's SMILE!




2. Rubber Bands Fine Motor Bands


For more No Cost/Low Cost Activities:

HomePlay : No Cost/Low Cost Toddler Activities at home 零花费/低花费的幼童活动 (1)

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