Thursday, 28 April 2016

BET021 Multiple Mathematic Learning Box

Size: 29.5*18.5*4 cm
Material: Wood with box
Weight: 0.76kg
Available Age: 3 Years old ++

尺寸:29.5*18.5*4 cm

  1. Multiple Mathematic Learning Box inside provided small black board. It can let kids to free to play their painting OR use for calculation.
  2. Kids can use the numbering cube to learn and count 1-100, it's can improve their calculation ability.
  3. Kids start beginning learn calculation can through by mathematic stick. The mathematic stick it can be replace by finger count. Mathematic stick provided 4 colors to make more fun color counting. Color mathematic stick can use different color doing PLUS, MINUS, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE counting.
  4. Behind of the black board is a Mushroom Clock, it really look cute. This Mushroom Clock to let kids to identify Hour and Minutes, at the same time to learn more concept of time.

  1. 多用途数字小盒子里面带有小黑板, 它可以让孩子自由发挥他们的绘画或是可以做计算用途。
  2. 小孩可以通过木片上的数字,从中认识数字1-100,同时可以练习计算的能力。
  3. 小孩可以利用小棒棒进行数一数,可以用彩色小棒棒来替代数不到的数目。它有4中不同的颜色来学习数字游戏,格外的有趣。在计算加减乘除的同时,4种颜色的数字也可以让孩子来区分。
  4. 在小黑板的背面是设计了一个可爱的小蘑菇时钟,这个可以让宝宝分辨和计算时针分针。可以训练小孩对时间的概念。

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