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BAS026 Time Telling Activity Pack 认识时间活动配套

Time telling is one of the "must" do parts for parent to guide children to understand the concept of time and able to tell time as eventual aim. And so do we. To let our children learning through fun ways , we designed some file folder games, crafts and activities to make the learning process in easier way. And below are details.

掌握时间的概念及学会看时钟对孩子们来说是非常重要的一环,毕竟这是我们日常生活不可分割的部分。在尝试教导我们的小人儿们学看时钟及掌握时间概念的同时,我们也设计了一系列的file folder games,手工及活动以让小人儿们轻松学习时间概念。以下为详情。

a. Time Telling File Folder Game Level 1

Starting from basic, we have telling time to the hour activity which children need to match digital clock to the analog clock that shows the same time. 
从简单开始的话,我们有这个时间配对file folder game。Level 1里先学习小时,就是一点钟,两点钟等。孩子们需要将指针式时钟和数字时钟做配对。

Material List 商品详情:
2pcs A4 size file folder sheets               两张A4尺寸活动纸卡
12pcs analog clocks in diameter 65mm   12张直径65mm的指针时钟

Time Telling File Folder Game Level 1

Matching in progress


b. Time Telling File Folder Game Level 2

Further from activity level 1, we continue with telling time to half hour activity which children need to match digital clock to the analog clock that shows the same time. 
接下去,我们继续学习半小时的时间。Level 2里是学习半小时,就是一点半,两点半等。孩子们需要将指针式时钟和数字时钟做配对。

Material List 商品详情:
2pcs A4 size file folder sheets               两张A4尺寸活动纸卡
12pcs analog clocks in diameter 65mm   12张直径65mm的指针时钟

 Time Telling File Folder Game Level 2

c. Clock Craft

Simple make a clock craft with one round clock (parent need to cut out by own), clocks hands (hour and minute) and a brad to combine clock with its hands.

You may notice that we create a hour portion for the clock to show kids that each hour has an area or space that belongs to them. You can show them that when the short hand (minute hands) is in the number’s room, that’s the hour. Anyway, this is inspired by ainsleelabs , you may check their website for details.



Cut out the clcok and hands.

Combined all the parts with brads and done

Tips: For safety purpose, fold each brad point backwards on itself, and then flatten them with a hammer. You may paste transparent tape (or any color tape) on it for further prevention.

d. Clock Craft 02

Furthering from above basic time telling clock, we have below DIY clock to show how to convert analog time in minutes to digital reading.

For example : a quarter past one , you may lift up minute part on analog clock then you can see that 3 (in analog) is equal to 15 in minutes.

And one hour = 60 minutes

当孩子掌握了基本时间概念后,我们可以制作以下这个时钟,主要是让孩子知道如何转换钟表指针时间去相应时间。比如,一点半,分针在六,那么是几分钟呢?只要 把六掀开,孩子就可以看到6是等于30分钟。然后当分钟走完一圈就等于60分钟。

parent need to cut out all the parts by own

Lift up the number on front clock then children can know the reading in digital way.

1 hour = 60 minutes

e. DIY Digital Clock

To help children to learn time telling in interesting way, we created DIY Digital Clock as well. Which each set included:
✔ 12pcs hour cards     50mmx50mm
✔ 12pcs minute cards     50mmx50mm
✔ digital clock base     135mmx65mm
✔ 10pcs owl design time telling cards     110mmx23mm

✔ 12张小时卡    50mmx50mm
✔ 12张分钟卡    50mmx50mm
✔ 一张电子钟卡     135mmx65mm
✔ 10张猫头鹰时间卡      110mmx23mm

You may let elder children to match the digital clock with provided owl cards.

If they still can't read? No worry, parents can read out the time for them and they just build on answer. :)


And of course, our analog clock may assist them to get the answer. :)

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