Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tot School - Learn my Montessori Transport 3 part card

This idea is come from Chen's mummy sharing with me and I do research for what is Montessori 3 part cards. I found that Montessori 3 part cards is really useful to guide my boy for the 1st learning. Even 1st time play he able to remember for the 1st stage transport.

Inside I had prepare 15 different transport Montessori 3 part cards and separate in 3 teaching times. For my own experience, if too many teach together my children will feel confuse and not interesting play on that.



Part 1. One of the Montessori 3 part cards
Part 2. One of the Montessori 3 part cards

Part 3. One of the Montessori 3 part cards

Part 4. Puzzle to recall the transport by the following

 First show the part 1 and let them do match together with the part 2 & 3.
Option 1. 3 step play time

Once done for the Option 1, then can be try on next Option 2.
start show the picture only (part2). Then let them do puzzle game and choose the name (part3).
End up compare and do correction.
Option 2. 4 step play time

First, let them to see the real picture then only proceed puzzle games.
Play my time

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