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Kids Korea Style - Cat Korea design set ♥ 韩版童装小猫咪线条短袖套装 [BAP005]

I love much of the Korea Style, event kids clothes also love it much. Bellow is one of the Korea Style kids clothes I like it. Mostly I like to let my son to wear clothing in by set. Because I feel cute, nice look where wearing set, some more I feel tidy too. Beside that, I'm not need always thinking how to matching my little pinball clothes.
This clothes is make by cotton so is more comfortable suit for kids wear. If you are deep focus on the small detail of the design you will found more interested.


Font clothing and pant also have a little cat design and also have own pocket.

back side also have a cute cat face design at bottom.

Arm side also have a small cute cat face. 

Bellow is showing the picture actual clothes quality and design.

 clothes and pant font design. 

Cat pocket and shoulder cat design.

 Cat tail. 

Pant Design 

Product Details / 产品详情
Available size in :
80, 85, 90, 95, 100
Material : Cotton 
Color : Orange
Price : RM35/set

 衣长:35~44cm  胸围:27~31cm  
  裤长:32~37cm  臀围:30~35cm  档深:20~24cm

✿ Sizes below are measured in flat-laid position, hand measurement will have discrepancy of about 2CM以下尺寸均为平铺手工测量2CM 之内误差
✿ Colours of the product might have a slight variation because of the monitor setting or lighting factors. 电脑屏幕设置或拍摄灯光因素可能会造成货品的颜色存有少许差异。
Have to clean or wash before to let your kids wear. 谨记要先洗干净了才让您的小孩穿哦。

Measurement (cm) 测量尺寸

Top / 上衣 ;Size / 尺寸 80(12M) 85(18M) 90 95 100
Chest / 胸围 24.5 26.5 27 28 30
Sleeve Length / 袖长 9.5 10.5 11 11.5 12
Clothes Length / 衣长 32.5 34.5 36 38.5 40
Shoulder Width / 肩宽 20 21 22 23 23.5
Pant / 短裤 ;Size / 尺寸 80(12M) 85(18M) 90 95 100
Waist / 腰围 18 18.5 18.5 22 22
Length of Crotch / 裤裆深 20 20 20 21 22
Length of Pant / 裤长 31 31 33.5 34 37

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~
just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :
Ibabiesclub Order Form 爱宝贝网络订购单

Product Code 产品编号: BAP005
Product Price :  RM35
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 0.18kg] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

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