Friday, 25 July 2014

Kids Korea Style - Stella design set ♥ 快乐女孩Stella套装 [BAP014]

Believe that many parents are stripes lover, including us~
If you having any stripes top or pant/skirt, then let your girl wearing this, it could be an easy matching outfit for your family!


Kids Korea Style - Stella design set ♥ 快乐女孩Stella套装 [BAP014]

mum said, i have to be "Stella" in this post~
妈妈说,今天我暂时得扮演Stella! ^^

Stella Please give me a side view posture!

Bellow is showing the picture actual clothes quality and design.

Product Details / 产品详情
Available in : Size 100

Price : RM39.90/set

✿ Sizes below are measured in flat-laid position, hand measurement will have discrepancy of about 2CM以下尺寸均为平铺; 手工测量2CM 之内误差
✿ Colours of the product might have a slight variation because of the monitor setting or lighting factors. 电脑屏幕设置或拍摄灯光因素可能会造成货品的颜色存有少许差异。
 Have to clean or wash before to let your kids wear. 谨记要先洗干净了才让您的小孩穿哦。

Measurement (cm) 测量尺寸

Top / 上衣 ;Size / 尺寸 100(9)

Chest / 胸围 30

Sleeve Length / 袖长 11

Clothes Length / 衣长 39

Shoulder Width / 肩宽 26.5

Pant / 短裤 ;Size / 尺寸 100(9)

Waist / 腰围 21

Length of Crotch / 裤裆深 23.5

Length of Pant / 裤长 25

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~

just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :
Ibabiesclub Order Form 爱宝贝网络订购单

Product Code 产品编号: BAP014
Product Price :  RM39.90
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 0.13kg] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

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