Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mathematics learning stick (BET 007) ✿ 数学数数棒

How to play:
  1. Get some stick in different color and mix it, let children to pick out follow by color, and let to count 1 by 1 with each color have how many stick.
  2. Can use mathematics stick to learn mathematics. Example: take 2 green color stick, and then take it out another 3 yellow color stick, let children count total how many stick they had. Parent can accompany with children calculate together. 
  3. Mathematics stick also can combine the number and symbol square wood for the further learning. At the time can let your children learn number and the symbol too. 
 Education Purpose: To let children to identify difference of the color such as red, yellow, green, blue 4 colors. At the same time can let their learn mathematics concept from beginning. Children also can learn from calculate maths follow by step by step.

  1. 拿出一些4色相混的木帮,让宝宝将它们按颜色分别挑出,然后数一数,红色的有几根、黄色的有几根等等。
  2. 利用数字棒教宝宝算术,比如:拿出两根绿色的木棒,再拿出3根黄色的木棒,让宝宝数一下一共有几根,并不断
  3. 拿出对应的数字块及加减乘除运算符号块,配合数字棒进行数学运算,可以尽快助宝宝认识数字及运算符号的写法。


Actual Shooting 产品实拍

 Actual Shooting 产品实拍

Actual Shooting 产品实拍

Material: Wood
Weight: 0.30 kg
Size of Package: 23.3 X 14.8 X 1.6 cm
Suitable Age: 3 years old ++

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