Saturday, 17 January 2015

BAS008 Ibabiesclub Goat Fortune Bag 爱宝贝羊年福气满袋贺年福袋

Baa Baa Fortune Goat have you any surprise for us this year?
Yes sir, Yes sir, Ibabiesclub will present very lucky " Goat Fortune Bag " to you right now~

Yeah, this is our first in house project and hope that our little angels can bring their own style " Goat Fortune Bag " during they pay their courtesy call on new year's day!

爱宝贝羊年福气满袋来咯~ 这是我们的第一个自行构思配搭的材料包,制做完成后就是一个可爱独特的贺年福袋啦!带上一些柑,宝贝们就洋洋得意拜年去啦!以下就是产品细节介绍。

Goat Fortune Bag Material Pack
Including : Red Paper Bag, Non Woven Fabric Fortune Word (福字),Lovely Sheep Material Card, 3M Foam Double-Sided Sticker, Googly Eyes
内包含 : 红色厚纸袋,无纺布福字,可爱绵羊制作纸卡,泡棉双面贴纸,活动眼
Red Paper Bag : 22cm x 17cm x 10cm
红色厚纸袋尺寸 : 22cm x 17cm x 10cm

Non Woven Fabric Fortune Word超好质感无纺布福字

Lovely Sheep Material Card可爱绵羊制作纸卡

This lovely sheep material card is for our little angels to make a 3D sheep from it~ First of all, please cut out all the layers inside the material card. For young toddlers, maybe parent can help to cut out all the layers.


And follow steps below to stack up a 3D Sheep. We do provide a foam double sided sticker inside the material bag. You may use it if you want to get a 3D sheep for your fortune bag. Or else, you can use either glue or normal double sided sticker to combine it.


3D Goat VS Plane Goat

Close up

How about add on googly eyes for it? :)
Lastly, combine red paper bag + 3D Sheep + "福" in your own style will do. :)
Below is our first trial, will upload more afterward.


Photo above taken on the day which we were rushing for packaging. And we make one more sample 3D sheep afterward. We add on one more layer of foam sticker for it, hmmm, feel that it looks better! ^^


This is our very first art material bag and wish you will like it! ^^

Gong Xi Fatt Choi~

If you are interested on this, do email us : 若想订购可以通过电邮联络我们哦~
 just fill in our order form here /你也可以点击这里提交订购单哦 :

Product Code 产品编号: BAS008
 Product Price :  RM12.00 
Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 100g] : WM RM6 ; EM RM10

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