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Tot School (11) : Early Numeracy Activities Week 数字启蒙周

I had been busy for the past two months, but anyway i did share our activities photos on Ibabiesclub FB page. And now going to summaries for our Early Numeracy Introduction week~
What is the best time for us to introduce 123 or ABC to our toddler? For me, is whenever they starting to show their interest on it. And few months ago, Chen started to point at number and told me, Mama,123... This reminded me that, is time to work out number theme play week for her~ But it is not easy, as i never expected a 2years old toddler can recognize all the numbering, and in fact she even not able to read out 1 to 5 by her own. So, i feel that what i have to focus is having some games which can help her to get familiar with 1-10, and maybe can recognize one or two numbers after we complete the theme play. And below, are our activities photo sharing on Early Numeracy Introduction Week.


数字早教其实是我 tot school 计划中的其中一个单元,但是并没有固定的时间表,我是打算当观察到晨的状况适合时才进行。最近看到她开始会喃喃自语的念数字,有时在一些书籍上看到数字会说,妈妈,123…看来已经到了合适的时候了~


ღ Spot it, Stick it ღ 寻找数字游戏

Children have to spot the numbers on the worksheet, and stick it with the correct color as indicated by the key at the bottom of the page. You can use others approach such as circle it with different color pen if you don't have color stickers.

Learning Opportunities:

 Learn about 1,2,3...

♥ builds fine motor skill

♥ develop hand–eye coordination ability

And this exercise actually do train their visual skill as well.

Information Sharing:
Saccades are rapid movements of the eyes as they jump between two targets. This is in contrast to pursuits, when the eyes smoothly scan to follow a target.
Believe it or not, we actually use saccades, not pursuits, for reading. The eyes take in a bit of information, and then jump on to the next bit. We don’t scan each individual letter in a word.
So when child has difficulties with ocular-motor skills such as these, reading, copying, or other written tasks may be difficult for them.

And this exercise do help to train on saccadic eye movements.

source :

这是在我们数字早教学习周内的其中一个单元,家长们只要准备几款不同颜色的贴纸和白纸即可进行~ 孩子们主要必须进行数字配对,然后将根据教材底部的指示贴上不同颜色的贴纸。如果你没有颜色贴纸,你可以用最简单的方法:用不同颜色笔来标记来进行。

♥ 认识数字

♥ 贴纸考验手眼协调及训练手指的灵巧度哦~


What i prepared for this activity


Worksheet for Number 5-9 

This is the activity magnet plate that i always use

Always started from her favorite Red~

Spot it, Stick it!


ღ Clothespin Number & Color Matching Game ღ 小衣夹数字和颜色配对游戏

inspired for ideas sharing in Pinterest again! ^^

Honestly, when i prepared the material, i felt that my girl might not play for more than 1 time. It is a good activity as it may help to strengthen fine motor skills exploration, help them to recognize number and also color. But maybe it is just not really attractive from appearance~ XD
Anyway, the truth is my girl like to play it very much! Hard to believe but she kept playing with it~
You may download our ready made PDF file to make this activity set too~

从Pinterest得到灵感,再次向Pinterest致谢! ^^

each card with dimension : 13cm x 6cm
can be a super convenience busy bag for mummy to bring out as well~
每张卡的尺寸为13cm x 6cm, 外带也很方便~

ooopps~ i lost one of the clothespin, and replaced it with original color clothespin which hand-painted by me

ღ Felt & Pom Pom Numbering Game Set ღ 球球数字游戏

Yes, Catherine also prepared a basic numbering activity for Little Pinball :

Simple beginner mathematic think and imagination. Easy prepare and easy play. He only 1Y4M for start learn the beginning. If you like pls give a like n start to play it with your child.
一个简单又容易玩的数目概念游戏。同时也是一个很简单准备及简单玩的游戏。小孩只有1岁4个月,这能让他学习基本数目概念初学者。如果你也喜欢请给个like 和把这游戏带入他们的游戏中吧。

Prepare Felt Number Mat

Just match the pom pom onto the felt numbering mat will do

Little Pinball enjoyed the game! :)

ღ A Very Hungry Caterpillar Number Matching ღ 好饿的毛毛虫数字配对

We prepared a very hungry caterpillar for number matching games!
Click on link below for free printable materials which is in 2 version. First page is for number 1-10 & second page is for 0-9, you may decide which version you like and print out for fun!

早前我们也准备了数字配对毛毛虫的小游戏,大家点击以下链接即可下载我们的游戏教材纸。我们准备了两个版本分别是1-10 或 0-9,你可以依个人喜好来选择打印~

Laminate it to make it long lasting

you can use a yakult bottle to draw out the circle outline on a felt material and cut it out~

you can get the felt material from here:

using Velcro for sticking purpose

Number Matching Caterpillar
ღ Hungry Penguin Number Matching ღ 好饿的小企鹅数字配对

What you need to prepare?
DIY Little Hungry Penguin, Food tweezer, numbering magnet(you may use any numerical magnet on your hand), Felt Number Dot(from above Caterpillar set)

** i bought the numbering magnet dot on penguin body from Mr.DIY

How to Play?如何进行?

1.Stick a number magnet on penguin body, that is what penguin would like to take as meal
2. Get your little ones to match a same number for it and feed the little penguin with it
3. I let the penguin jump happily when she feed the correct number; while penguin tend to have stomach ache when she feed the incorrect number.
Number Matching

Feed The Very Hungry Little Penguin, color felt dot that we prepared in above caterpillar activity can be using here as food also~

another set of food :
colorful numbering magnet set and feed by food tweezer tong
this can help to improve on fine motor skills while get know about number~


♥ This is a very interesting activity for Early Numeracy Introduction Theme, Chen like it very much(and also my niece and nephew). Maybe, you all should really try this~ ^^ 

ღQ-Tips Numbering Art ღ 棉花棒彩绘

Next is, Fun and Easy Q-Tips / Cotton buds Art~
And you can get the free printable material from here:


ღNumbering Matching Puzzle ღ 数字配对拼图

This is what i tried to introduce to Chen during our Xmas Theme Play Week, Number 1-10 puzzle. Puzzle and snowman are both what she like during the period, so this should be something really fun for her [this is what i thought]. She tried to complete the puzzle but failed, and she just leave it and not willing to try again. This is the first time she try for vertical type puzzle, maybe she really don't have any ideas on how to match it. I think i have to assist her on this and suddenly i came out with this idea, why don't i just make it in another way, transform it into number matching game maybe better?! And when i introduced again this snowman puzzle to her but with number magnets which for her to match with puzzle, she looked happy and COMPLETED it~  After few trial, i took off those number magnets, and she still able to complete the puzzle, i think she already familiar on how to go on with this vertical type puzzle. Mission completed for mummy! ^^

这个其实是后来在圣诞主题期间我打印好的Vertical Type Puzzle(之后会在整合圣诞主题文时才把这个source link给找出来)。把拼图拿给晨看,她显得很开心。打散后让她尝试,她试了一阵子,不成功就放弃了~后来我想她大概对于这样的拼图还没有概念,不如我在旁加上数字磁铁如下图,会否能让她捉到窍门呢?后来我尝试,结果,她很喜欢然后就完成了。待她玩上几天后,熟悉了拍法,我就再把数字磁铁拿走。这时,她已经可以独自完成这个拼图了~呼,总算没有浪费了这套自制拼图!

ღNumbering Clothespin Matching ღ 数字衣架配对

I bought this Numbering Clothespin few years ago, and i already remember what is the purpose for me to purchase it. Anyway, i took out during this theme play, as i feel maybe we can play something with it?! And i printed out Number Rods Control Chart from Montessori Print Shop  also. Combined these, and we can play matching games~ ^^

数字衣夹是我好几年前购入的,已经忘了当初买来是为了什么。恰好这个时候就拿了出来,想说可能可以用上。之前也打印了Number Rods Control Chart, 是免费打印教材 ( source: Montessori Print Shop  )。某日晨拿着可爱数字衣夹说要游戏时,我翻了翻,就把这两样东西凑在一起做配对游戏咯~ :)

Hu~ Finally i completed this post but still not yet compile for Color Matching Theme Play, Frozen & X'mas Theme Play. I will try to complete it asap~ 

终于整合了数字启蒙周~我手上完成了的其实还有,颜色配对周及圣诞Frozen周。好好,我,尽快! ^^

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