Thursday, 22 January 2015

[Pre-Order] BET020 Wisdom pyramid ✿ 金字塔

This is one of the toy to train your hand-eye coordination, and train their graphic and color coordination ability. It can be let your exertion concept of the spaces, and logical thinking ability train.  It also let them to thinking on multi level structure. Beside that, can let them to train their focus on power and endurance. This game also suitable for adult, because this game can train your mind and establishment of left and right brain functioning to reduce Alzheimer's disease。


This game package it belong with 6 training books, from easy to advance it follow different of the age to let your challenge it. The last of the 3 training books are the pyramid advance level.

First book: 1-114 with plane Q (with answer)
Second book: 115-242 with plane Q (with answer)
Third book: 243-370 with pyramid Q (without answer)
Fourth book: 371-406 with pyramid Q (without answer)
Fifth book: 407-442 with pyramid Q (without answer)
Sixth book: 443-478 with pyramid Q (without answer)
第一册: 1-114道平面题目 (全配答案)
第二册: 115-242道平面题目 (全配答案)
第三册:243-370道平面题目 (无答案;得自己需求答案)
第四道:371-406道立体题目 (无答案;得自己需求答案)
第五道:407-442道立体题目 (无答案;得自己需求答案)
第六道:443-478道立体题目 (无答案;得自己需求答案)

One of the simple Q is show in above. Left is the Q, Right is the Answer.

How to play:
1. Plane Q: take the blocks follow by the book are showing, then you may to answer the left of the blocks to solve it.
2. Pyramid Q: Line up all the blocks follow by the Q book, let to solve it on left of the blocks and make it as pyramid shape.


2. 立体: 于游戏和的背面,将题目排好,剩余积木排成一个四角锥的金字塔。

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Product Code 产品编号: BET020
Product Price :  RM25.00 

Pre-Order Period 预购日期 : 2 to 14-March-2016

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