Tuesday, 16 June 2015

HomePlay: Truck Counting Mat ✌ 货车数量游戏

If you already purchase Ibabiesclub Wooden Blocks Busy Bag Set, do you ever think on how to make use it for others activity? Yup, going to share another ways to do counting exercise with your LO with our wooden blocks right now! :)
要一直添购新玩具给家中小孩可能是件不太可能的事,所以我通常会上网寻找idea看看如何在已经拥有的玩具上作变化,创造新玩法。如果你已经购买了我们的益智木块数字拼图活动包 , 那么请看这里~接下来会和大家分享另一个利用活动包里的木方块来进行的数量活动。
Material List : square cubes (2cmx2cm)outline from 1-10 , wooden blocks, truck drawing, number cards/magnet
简单的尊卑工作 : 画出卡车(当然你也可以网络搜寻打印出来即可) ; 画出木方块的边线(从1到10); 木方块 ; 数字卡/磁铁
Prepared by Chen's daddy and me (cubes only, :p)
laminate all the paper material to make it long lasting
How to play with it?
1. For very young toddlers, we can put on the number and also the wooden blocks cube outline card for them. The cubes outline that i draw out is according to our color blocks, so children can do color matching as well.
1. Mummy put on number and cubes outline
2. Color Matching
3. Done! And can let children do counting to double check the answer
Double check her answer
2. Mummy/Daddy puts on number only(without cubes card), children can do counting and put on color wooden blocks in correct quantity.
3. Basic addition activity (within 10)
Mummy put on 7 and let Chen put on correct cubes board. But Chen placed cubes board with 3 blocks only, so mummy add up another cubes board with 4pcs of blocks. 3+4, we get 7 finally! :)

If you are not good in drawing (just like me), you can get similar free printable from "The Measured Mom" :

Happy Trying!

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