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Tot School (19) : Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? 棕色的熊、棕色的熊,你在看什么?

According to Wikipedia:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a children's picture book published in 1967. Written and illustrated by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle, the book is designed to help toddlers associate colors and meanings to objects.
Wow, 1967! Almost 50 years already! But this story book is still popular among children and my girl like it very much! So, we must have some activities which related with the book.

翻查一下网络字典才惊觉这绘本是 Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle于1967的创作~至今也快五十年了!好夸张的数据。但是,其实这绘本很巧妙的融入了颜色和动物,所以小朋友们特别喜欢,晨也不例外。也是这样我就一定要准备些相关活动给家里的小朋友了。

*Golf Tee Hammering Activity* 
Materials : Mini/Toy Hammer (from Mr.DIY), Golf Tees(i get mine from Daiso)
Free Printable Material : From Royal Baloo

棕色的熊主题,谢谢明帮我们购买 golf tee。今天就可以用钉子来进行 do a dot 啦~虽是新鲜玩意,小朋友是钉得开心,但是感觉上却没有很很喜欢的感觉。这小女生骨子里还真的女生到底呀~

Free Printable Material : 1+1+1=1

Of course Chen still not able to read words, but how she do the coloring? It was a result after M times repeating on the story.


*Head & Tail 2 Parts Card, Shapes Tracing, Matching Prewriting Practise* 

Free Printable Material : 1+1+1=1 (from same free printable material as above)

*Counting Practise* 
I can't get any suitable counting activity worksheet(free printable material), so i used pictures from 1+1+1=1 and prepared suitable counting practise worksheet for Chen. Of course, it is for personal use only.

因为找不到相关主题合适的数量活动。所以在1+1+1=1 内取得了动物的图然后制作成适合我们的游戏模式教材纸。这纯粹是我用于个人用途的教材纸,基于尊重绘图者的创作,所以我不分享这个教材纸了哦。

 *Memory Games记忆配对游戏*

" Children's brain grows at an explosive rate during the first three years of his life.  During these critical brain-growth periods, long, thin nerve pathways grow inside the brain. We can help our toddler jump-start their brain development by engaging in games and fun activities with them. " [From Brain Boosting Toddler Activities]

I read about "working memory" & Shichida Method of Right Brain Learning for Children recently. Parents nowadays always complainted about children aren't smart as others and sent them for non-stop tuition. But instead of complaining, did we (as parents) do something for them during their critical brain-growth periods? At least for me, i feel i have the responsible to help my child for this(but getting high score during exam is her own responsible).So i try to provide some brain exercise activities for her including this memory games. This is my first trial, i think i will try to improve afterward. I'm still in learning and hope through sharing to receive advices/assists from others. :)

You may read here for more informations about working memory.

无意中接触到七田真右脑学习的文章,很个人的觉得其实早教真的很重要。为的不是成绩,而是一种自己面对困难时的态度及能力。孩子在成长过程中必然面对大大小小的众多困难考验,说真的我无法想象我能陪孩子多久。可是若是思考能力有了,不怕困难挫折态度有了,这样未来我们也实在无须为他们操心太多。我尝试尽量在“头脑开发 ”这里做好,我觉得这是我(身为父母)的责任(她日后的课业成绩是她自己的责任)。当然我不是专家,我只是尽量通过阅读和分享来加强自己这方面的知识。希望大家有好的资讯也和我分享,这样大概会比一个人苦读来得轻松~先尝试这样的游戏,晨还蛮喜欢的,日后会在尝试改良 。


Again, i used pictures from 1+1+1=1 to make the matching cards and is for personal use only. I printed the picture on normal A4 paper and pasted it on EVA foam sheets.

1+1+1=1 内取得了动物的图然后制作成配对卡。这纯粹是我用于个人用途的教材纸,基于尊重绘图者的创作,所以我不分享这个教材纸了哦。配对图片我都打印在普通纸张上,然后贴在泡棉片上即可。

*Letter Matching Games 字母配对游戏*
Again, i used pictures from 1+1+1=1 to make the matching cards and is for personal use only.在1+1+1=1 内取得了动物的图然后制作成字母游戏卡。这纯粹是我用于个人用途的教材纸,基于尊重绘图者的创作,所以我不分享这个教材纸了哦。

Movable Alphabets : DIY ( you can just print out A-Z on card and cut out will do)
A-Z字母 : 自制 (讲字母打印在纸卡上然后剪裁出即可)


Anyway, Chen still don't know ABC, this activity just to let her familiar with alphabets. This is not really easy for her as many of them (alphabets) are look-alike. But anyway, she can get correct alphabets after played with few cards.

这个游戏的目的当然不是为了让晨背熟颜色,主要只是让她通过配字游戏慢慢熟悉字母的字形。因为当中其实有很多很相似的,例如b&d, i&j; 这些都让晨花了一些时间去辨认。但是几个字卡下来也就渐入佳境了。

*Handprint Art 好玩的手印时间*
Inspried from Pinterest again and we make handprint art for blue horse, gold fish and elephants?!! Yup, Chen requested to make an elephant after completed her gold fish and blue horse handprint. I searched from Pinterest again and let her make her own elephants(and i can use it for Father's Day!)

*Fork Painting 做只棕色的熊*

And of course, we tried to make a brown bear too! We used the back end of a fork, dipped in brown color paint to create brown bear's head. This little bear is just too cute! ^^



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