Sunday, 9 August 2015

[Book Activities/绘本活动] Chicka Chicka ABC

Book Activities/绘本活动 : Chicka Chicka ABC

A simple and nice book to introduce ABC to your lil one. The alphabets in the content are in Uppercase while the illustration are in Lowercase, toddlers are exposed to both ofthe uppercase & lowercase letter at the same time. For me, this is another good book to expose your toddlers to ABC. And i build a simple coconut tree by using Duplo set together with small size magnetic alphabet magnet, then started our interactive book activities.

这本书的内容是挺童趣的,是描述字母们一个接一个的爬上椰树,然后当中不懂重复,Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Will there be enough room?每次听到这句大家都好担心字母会掉下。其实仔细观察,书的内容上的字母都是大写的,同页的插图内的字母则是小写的。作者Bill Martin Jr 和 John Archambault 其实很用心的穿插了大小写配对于书内。个人觉得是本介绍字母的好书。 :) 然后利用我手上有的乐高积木和磁铁迷你字母,我们进行了简单绘本活动。

Match the magnetic alphabet with the letters on page that we read.

And time to have pretend play with this lil gal, we let those alphabet to climb up to the top of our coconut tree.
Try to balance the alphabet on the top of coconut tree. And who make those alphabet falling down from the coconut tree will be tickled!

Our Duplo Coconut Tree~
Of course there are many ways to "build" a coconut tree for your lil one, you may refer to Jennifer Lee's post for baking tray method. :) 
当然还有好多方法可以进行这个绘本活动,你可以看看Jennifer Lee的方法


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