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在家学字母 Now i know my ABC's : Letter F

Letter F week activities字母F的系列活动:

Basic content of this Letter C Learning Week is similar to Letter A&B, do refer to Letter A Learning Week Post, if you would like to get those free printable links. :)
基本内容都和字母A,B相同,这里就简单介绍一些另外添加的活动而已 。如果你需要打印教材的连接,请翻阅我们的字母A活动周介绍~

Build Letter F with Lego & Pattern Blocks
Well, i add in Wooden Blocks Alphabet Puzzle Set inside Chen's drawer (which i kept all the alphabet building activity set inside, she can decide which activity that she wanna do during tot school), and the result is, she told me that she don't want to build Letter F with Lego and she wanna play with the wooden blocks~ Ok, learning process should be happy so i accepted her request of course.


F Farm
[Book Activities/绘本活动]
Humphrey's Farm Adventure

You may refer to for all the books about Humphrey, i got few of it, all bought from Big Bad Wolf.

Prepared a farm themed sensory bin for this story book. Well, i got no talent(at all) in preparing sensory bin. My sensory bin always very simple, haha~ And below is my farm adventure sensory bin.
我购入了基本小象Humphrey的绘本,是分几次于大野狼书展购入的。内容简单易懂 ,挺适合两三岁左右的孩子(当然也可以更早)。大家可以查阅 了解详情。
在Sensory Bin部分,我向来没什么天分。看到其他妈妈都做得很精彩,好羡慕,可是有才华局限,我就还是做简单的好了。

First of all is feeding section. And Chen need to feed the farm animals accoring to the story sequence.
很简单的绘本活动,就是根据故事来个想像游戏。让晨充当Humphrey,到农场参观。首先是根据故事依序喂食 。

F, Footprint
Press animal model on playdough to show the footprint of the animals.

Lastly, and also Chen's favourite part for this book activity session : bath the animals~
最后就是小朋友最爱的玩水环节: 帮动物们洗澡啦 ~

Another simple and great book activities, at least for me as this little really enjoyed the pretend play very much! :)
绘本活动完成。小朋友很喜欢这次的农场探险活动。 :)

F Fish

Simple DIY Fishing Play 1 自制钓鱼玩具 1

Fish from Eva Foam Sheet, and label up F & f on it to have a alphabet sorting games.
利用泡棉片裁出了小鱼,然后分别写上 F 及  f, 就可以开始分类游戏。

1. You can prepare a container for F and another one for f. Instruct your lil ones to sorting uppercase & lowercase letter F
先是可以进行大小写分类游戏( 你可以准备一个空盘写上 F另一个则写上 f 让孩子分类)

2. Get your toddler to fishing according to your instruction. Show them a F, then they have to give you a F fish ,and vice versa.
也可以,让孩子根据指示钓鱼。出示大写F的卡片,然后孩子需要钓一只字母F的鱼 ;以此类推。

Simple DIY Fishing Play 2 自制钓鱼玩具 2

Pipecleaners Fish

And together with dots card (card from one dot to ten dots), we can practise counting through this activity.

1. Start from any of the dots card ( I let Chen to draw it out)
我让晨闭起眼抽出一张点数卡( 纯粹是为了增添学习趣味性而已)

2. Let your toddler to count on the dots.

3. Get the fish in same quantity with the dots card.

* You can use number cards to replace with dots card.

F Do-A-Dot
Anoher routine do a dot activities for our alphabet learning week,i think i forget to share this free printable source in previous post: overthebigmoon
我好像一直忘了分享这个每个星期都有进行的字母Do a Dot 活动: overthebigmoon

Gluing Practice 贴图练习
Decorate F with fish worksheet from Bear Lim~
For those who purchase mommy Bear Lim's alphabet and number cards can request the printable material for free~ 
Bear Lim的字母卡首卖时我就购买了(有购买者可以向她索取免费字母打印教材),事先准备好的鱼不够啦~这次让小朋友自行画上~ 

Golf Tees Letter Ff
Another simple activity with minimum advance preparation (Golf Tees from Daiso).
简单的敲钉字母活动。Golf Tees是早前就已经购买的了。只是简单用recycled paper点出F&f,再于纸张下面垫上厚海绵(厚度大概3cm)即可。

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Click here for quick reference list of our alphabets learning (From A to Z)

[we attached the list at the end of our Letter Aa post]

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