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在家学字母 Now i know my ABC's : Letter G

Letter G week activities字母G的系列活动:

Basic content of this Letter G Learning Week is similar to Letter A&B, do refer to Letter A Learning Week Post, if you would like to get those free printable links. :)
基本内容都和字母A,B相同,这里就简单介绍一些另外添加的活动而已 。如果你需要打印教材的连接,请翻阅我们的字母A活动周介绍~

Build Letter G with Lego, Pattern Blocks & Wooden Blocks

[Book Activities/绘本活动] : Goldilocks & The Three Bears

One of my girl's favourite story recently, so i planned to get free printables online for our story telling session. I searched for few days but still can't get it, so i have to draw by myself at the end. If you are interested, you may get it from here.

Goldilocks tasted the porridge. I used hot water, cold water(ice) & plain water to represent : too HOT, too COLD, just RIGHT! A great sensory activiy for little girl! Chen sensed it with her finger tips :)

Goldilocks was tired and she lay down on the bed. I used ziplock bags to fill with stone, water & pom pom balls to represent : too HARD, too SOFT & just RIGHT!
Goldilocks感到疲倦躺在床上,我用密封袋分别装入了石头,水和pom pom ball分别代表太硬,太软及刚刚好!  
After the story session, Chen said bear's family wanna eat their porridge! And she placed the bears in front of their bowls correctly. :)

After it Chen said, Bears want to sleep and she put them on the correct beds also! :)

She like this activity very much. After our dinner (after daddy came back from work), Chen asked me to prepare materials for her and she wanna tell the story to her dad! Haha, it's really funny. I prepared the material again, and she tell the story to her dad with actions! :)

我想她真的很喜欢这个活动。我们晚饭后,晨叫我帮她准备材料,她要说故事给爸爸听!哈哈!真有趣!我快手再次准备好,然后她就开始说故事啦! :) 看来我艰难的画图是值得的啦!(不过,我还是希望以后有免费图供我打印就好~画图太难啦!)

Beginning Letter Matching Activity

Match the pictures with the beginning letter~

Salt Tray Activity

Letter Matching Activity

DIY alphabets clothespin
G Goat Craft

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Click here for quick reference list of our alphabets learning (From A to Z)

[we attached the list at the end of our Letter Aa post]

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