Saturday, 5 September 2015

[Craft Time] Cardboard Pizza 纸皮批萨

几天前拿到了一个很干净的大纸盒,想说可以做些什么好呢?应该可以做些特别企划(给孩子兵团),很久没有众乐乐了~后来想起之前看到纸皮 pizza 的手作,心里十分喜欢,就赶紧动手上网找披萨馅料的图,稍微修改整理就完成了(我的文件里可以做大概三到四个直径大概20cm的披萨)。饼皮就是从纸箱画圆剪下即可。大小皆宜的活动,大家可以在家尝试。如果真的没时间准备,或者想要更专业的填色活动,大家可以在George Da Art 那里报名上课哟!
Get a big carton box which is in good condition, and think of a cardboard pizza handcraft which i saw online before. Quickly, surfed for the toppings picture online and modified it and cut out four 20cm round shape as base. Those toppings inside my PDF file can use for three to four pizza(depend on how you fill your toppings). It is a great activity for kids in different age. And, here are our results(kids 3&4 years old). You may try yours now~ And  don't worry if you are too busy to prepare all of these, George Da Art will provide professional guidance for your little ones!

Free Printables:

Material is ready!
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