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在家学字母 Now i know my ABC's : Letter H

Letter H week activities字母H的系列活动:

Basic content of this Letter H Learning Week is similar to Letter A&B, do refer to Letter A Learning Week Post, if you would like to get those free printable links. :)
基本内容都和字母A,B相同,这里就简单介绍一些另外添加的活动而已 。如果你需要打印教材的连接,请翻阅我们的字母A活动周介绍~

Finger Tracing 触感学习

H, Hair
I draw few "paper doll" who are with long hair, and let my girl to do haircut for them~
Learning letter H from cutting practise. :)
Paper dolls with long hair

Cutting Practise

After haircut

H, House/Home Craft

H, Hopping
Let's have outdoor exercise for our little ones. H for Hopping, and we write down H & h by chalk on the floor. Chen jumped from one circle to another, and whenever she reached a circle, i'll tell her whether it is uppercase letter H or lowercase letter h.

户外小活动,在地上用粉笔写上H & h,并让孩子自由跳动。当她踏到那些字母时我会大声念出 : 大写的H / 小写的h。简单的户外运动同时加深孩子对字母的印象。

❥ Book Activities :
Hello! Hello!  &  Hug
[and i'll introducee Hello!Hello!]

Hello!Hello! is a book which using simple way to tell our children, how animals say hello when they meet their friends.

I bought this book just due to the cover showing lion, which is my girl favourite's animal. When i get the book and i found that, wow! Luckily i bought it!

This is a good action book, as parents and kids can pretend themselves as the animals inside the book, and say hello in their ways! Chen and me play for around 1 hour when i introduced this book to her. And i'm not able to take any photos during the process as i'm also one of the animal which busy to say hello! ^^

Let's check out the content.

我购买这本书的目的完全是为了封面两只狮子(以为是关于狮子的故事),那时小人儿最喜欢的动物。收到书本翻开内页发现原来这本书是讲诉动物们跟同类问好的方式,非常有趣!让大家看看内容。配合字母H的学习,我们一起进行了绘本活动。我们一起扮演书里的动物,学习他们打招呼的方式,非常好玩!我们玩了大概一个小时~没有活动照,因为,我也是动物之一,没办法分身拍照! XD

Lovely Penguins said Hello!
可爱的Penguin 哈咯!

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Click here for quick reference list of our alphabets learning (From A to Z)

[we attached the list at the end of our Letter Aa post]

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