Wednesday, 9 September 2015

DIY Light Box

Finally started up my DIY Light Box project ( which i delayed for about 2 years XD). I stucked on two issues that i can't solve:
1. I don't want a lighting source which got long wires. I hope this light box is "on the go" type, which i can move it to any suitable point.
2. I don't have any accessories which is transparent based.
Due to above reasons, i just leave it aside until i finally came out with ideas to solve above problems. Yes, i spent about 2 years to solve simple problems! LOL~
Ok, here is what we need to for simple DIY Light Box:
★ Plastic Bin with lid
☑ try to get a lid which with level surface, so that it is easier for you to have your activities on it
☑ size, just based one your personal requirement will do [ i just simply get one ready bin which i found at home]

★ Light source : Portable Torch Light (LED flashlight)
☑ I get mine from Mr.DIY

☑ if you worry the light is too bright from eyes, you may turn the LED side away from the lid (as in picture)

It is just too easy!
I started with few simple light box play after done.

And one of it is ice painting session on light box. I did feel like light box is just something normal, but after this ice painting session, i found it actually help for observation. As for example, the ice structure or even the color mixing process is much more clearer and focus when we observed through the light box~

 It is so interesting, and i must prepare more activities for it. :)
很简单的DIY Light Box分享。
★ 透明塑料箱
☑ 购买时尽量找盖子表面平坦的,那么会比较容易进行活动
☑ 箱子尺寸不拘,你觉得适合的就可以了
★ LED便携式电筒
☑ 我的是购于Mr.DIY
☑ 如果和我一样怕孩子直视光源会对眼睛照成伤害,那么你可以将光源面面向旁边即可(参考上面的图片)

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