Wednesday, 16 September 2015

DIY Lantern 中秋自制灯笼

Recently i saw a lot of sharing about DIY lantern for Moon Festival which is coming soon, and among it there are some which made from recycled material. It is very meaningful (for me) if i could lead my girl to make one DIY lantern too~

And i came across DIY Peppa Pig Lantern which is created by Mummy Winnie Chew. Mummy Winnie is really talent, she used just few simple materials to create a very cute little Peppa Pig Lantern for her son. I must try it too as my gal is also another big fan of Peppa(recently).

Main material:
★Pipe cleaners to create hand, leg & tail.
★cardboard to create main body and head
★Pink color paper
★Maker Pen to draw
★bottle caps[any with suitable sizes], i used it as shoes for Peppa and George
★LED light, from Daiso

This is the only design available in Daiso Aeon Bukit Indah. It is quite big, maybe you can try to smaller LED light. 

★Glittering Paper or any suitable material to cut out clothes
★ Super glue for attachment

Main Steps
※ Draw cartoon outline on the pink color paper(or you can use pink cardboard directly) and paste it on recycled cardboard. Cut out followed the shape.


※ Make very small holes to tie up pipe cleaners (hand, legs, tail).
※ Make holes on bottle caps too, tie to leg as shoes

※ Paste on the clothing to the cardboard.
※ Add eyes and mouth for them
※ You may out LED light inside any suitable plastic container. For Pegga, i used recycled plastic cup. For George, i put the LED on Farm Fresh milk bottle cap to make it as ice-cream. The LED i bought is quite big, so i modified the design with what i have on hands.


It is a great activity for our coming Moon Festival, as we sit together and using some of the recycled materials to make our lanterns. It is meaningful, you may try out too~

Actually i planned to make Peppa Lantern only, but my little girl requested to have George too. So i used another LED light which supposed to make a DIY Jellyfish (J is for Jellyfish) Lantern to make George Lantern. Anyway, tot school is having activities together so i just followed little girl request.

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