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BAS023 3 In 1 Activities Set 爱宝贝三合一游戏配套

BAS023 3 In 1 Activities Set 爱宝贝三合一游戏配套

This is an add value Fine Motor Set which combined 3 activities inside. Our initial plan is to have the color sorting fine motor training set, which consist colorful beads, palette and tweezers only. But anyway, if we can combine more function into this basic set, it should be a great new for buyer right? Then finally we added in Beading and Pattern Play game inside the same pack! :) This is definitely a super value set which consist few basic materials/ingredients which we always need in tot school. Let's go into product details now~

在开始时本来只是打算推出简单的Fine Motor Play Set,主要内容有彩色珠子,分格盘,还有夹子。那么就可以进行夹珠子游戏来锻炼小手肌肉~后来在想想,如果我加入Pipe Cleaners不就可以串珠吗?然后再做准备一些游戏卡我们就来玩Pattern Play,那么不是更超值吗?所以,很努力的寻找及整合材料,设计游戏卡,终于把它完成了~里面的基本材料其实都是我们进行Tot School时常用的。所以说,除了进行我们介绍的活动外,还可以用来进行其他Tot School环节呢~让我们介绍一下商品内容吧。   

Product Contents产品内容:

1. Colorful Beads (7 colors, each color about 25-30pcs) 七彩珠子(每个颜色大概25-30颗)
2. Flower Shape Palette 花形调色盘
3. Tweezers 夹子
4. Pipe cleaners (7 colors, 3pcs for each color) 绒毛条(七彩,每个颜色3个)
5. Pattern Play Activity Cards (3pcs) 活动卡

Total Material List

What we can do with it? 可以用来进行什么游戏

1. Fine Motor & Color Sorting Play
Using tweezers to sort colorful beads follow colors and put it into Flower Shape Palette. Help kids improve fine motor skills. Using tweezers will help increase your little one's hand and finger strength, shoulder and elbow stability, and grasping techniques.

一. 颜色分类(夹珠子)

Fine Motor and Color Sorting Play

 Using tweezers will help increase your little one's hand and finger strength, shoulder and elbow stability, and grasping techniques.

2. Beading & Color Matching Play
Beading activity which is good for hand-eye coordination can be carried out by using Colorful Beads & Pipe cleaners which attached inside this product. And you can also let your little ones to do color matching activity as well. Children can practice color recognition at the same time.

二. 串珠游戏

Little girl concentrated to complete her task.

Color matching for beads and pipe cleaners
You may provide number cards (not included in package ya, i used number magnet as in picture) to your little to match beads quantity to correct number.

Hmm, little girl requested to make a bracelet~ :)

3. Pattern Play

Patterns are things—numbers, shapes, images—that repeat in a logical way.  Patterns help children learn to make predictions, to understand what comes next, to make logical connections, and to use reasoning skills. And actually it was categorized under Math Skills, which maybe most of us didn't aware. We designed few basic pattern play cards together with this activity set which may help our little ones to build up mathematics concept through game. Learning through play is always fun!

三. Patterns Play
Patterns其实数学早教的其中一环,通过这样的活动,孩子们能够学会预测并应用逻辑推测,来推敲接下来的图案/物品是什么。基本的数学概念,就可以通过这样的简单游戏慢慢被吸收。所以我们也在这套游戏里加入了一些Patterns Play题目,让孩子可以从游戏中学习。

One of the activity cards, each card with 3 questions

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