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在家学字母 Now i know my ABC's : Letter Q

Letter Q week activities  字母Q的系列活动:

Basic content of this Letter Q Learning Week is similar to Letter A&B, do refer to Letter A Learning Week Post, if you would like to get those free printable links. :)
基本内容都和字母A,B相同,这里就简单介绍一些另外添加的活动而已 。如果你需要打印教材的连接,请翻阅我们的字母A活动周介绍~

❥ Finger Tracing Activity 字母触感学习

Always is the first activity for our letter learning week to help our little girl on memorizing and recognize a new letter. You may check here if you are interested to get below Felt Alphabet Learning Set.


❥ Pattern Blocks Play

❥ Q is for Quilt 棉被拼拼游戏

Q is for Quilt, and inspired from Instagram, a mummy who making a very nice Quilt Puzzle Play, I prepared my own version for my little girl. I prepared 2 versions with different pictures, you may print out for your little one if you are interested.

早前在Instagram看到有位妈妈分享她的Quilt Puzzle Play的照片,不过她好像没有提供Free Printable。所以我就制作了自己的简单版本。但是电脑出了些问题,所以我只能用Power Point来准备非常简单的拼图游戏。制作的第一个版本后又看到了以下的花朵图案,于是乎又制作了第二个版本,以下我附上两个版本的连接,有兴趣者可以自行打印出来~

I printed out, laminated, and put on Velcro to make it as File Folder Game. Total 4 question cards were prepared for each game set.
我将文件打印出来,过胶处理,然后贴上魔鬼贴就成了File Folder Game的其中一个游戏咯。每一套游戏我都 准备了4张题目卡。 

Again, she enjoyed the game.

All right, Letter Q week was really short and simple, as actually we had our Letter Q Themed Play during December while we were busy with all kinds of X'mas celebration and related tot school themed play. Anyway, hope you will like the Quilt Puzzle Play that i prepared. :) 

字母Q正好落在忙碌的十二月,当时有好多圣诞庆祝活动也同时进行一些圣诞主题的Tot School活动,所以就将这个字母Q周给简化了。但是还是准备了棉被拼图游戏。当时画图用的电脑送去维修了,用了另一台电脑里的Power Point制作了很简单的拼图游戏,这里就开放给大家下载~

** All Rights Reserved | NOT for Re-Sale | Files are for personal use ONLY | Please share the link to the blog and NOT the files, thank you! And for others resources that we get from others, we already linked it to the original post~ thanks all for sharing!
教材里面有些图片是取自网络,所以我们的打印教材只供个人用途,不能够转售或作商业用途~欢迎分享我们的教材,但是记得是连接到我们的部落格或面书,而非直接连接至教材哦~谢谢当中我们也提到了一些很好的资源,我们已经在文内直接连接至资源本文啦!也谢谢大家的分享! ^^

Click here for quick reference list of our alphabets learning (From A to Z)

[we attached the list at the end of our Letter Aa post]

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