Thursday, 3 March 2016

[Pre-Order]BAS020 I can count to 100 轻松数至一百

After my little girl coped well with number 1-10(can recognize the number, can do counting) then i started to think on how to introduce her with following number? I make a DIY hundred board for her, but it seems that i still need to have more "tools" on hand in order to have more exposure for her. And inspired by the table calendar, finally i came out with this I can count to 100 counting tool.

当小朋友开始学习十以上的数字时,我就一直在思考要如何让她很轻松的数至一百。还认真想过我自己小时候是怎么学习数至一百的,但是想了好久都想不起~后来在Bear Lim那里看到她制作了一个Hundreds Board,我也快手做了一个。然后某天看到台历,突然就有了一些想法,然后就有了这个数至一百的翻页台历了。

DIY Hundred Board

Product Details 产品详情:
Cover Page 封面
Overall Dimension 尺寸 : 21cm x 15cm
A small product which is easier to bring out as well.

You can write down the little owner's name here 首页可以写上名字呢~
Content is splitting into two parts for flipping purpose and of course it is starting with zero

Left side is tens' place. And you can see and block with ten dots inside beside it.
Right side is ones' place, and we created stars counter for it.
Last Number is 99
Attached with tens' place reference in English.And right side with 100 little stars for counting!
Last Page : Hundreds Chart
 最后一页附上Hundreds Chart
We designed this for our little ones few months ago and actually didn't plan to launch as product. But anyway, we received inquiries from our dear readers and after discussion we decided to launch it as Pre Order product.


And below are photos which our little ones using it to learn to count to 100~ 

Yee, 2YO+


Chen, 3 YO+

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Product Code 产品编号: BAS020 I can count to 100

Pre Order End date  :  15 March 2016

Product Price :  RM28

Courier Fee [Pos Laju, 200g] : WM RM7 ; EM RM10

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