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BAS024 Animals Mitten (26designs) 动物手套 (26款)

We designed this mitten game for the purpose is training memory, distinguish between different animal. After we discuss and discuss for many time, we are decide use in multiple game are played. Wish our kids can play in different game to differential animals and name together. This time most of the animals are draw by our-self, wish kids will like it and support.

1. Train Memory Skill
  • First we are put all the ibabies logo as front.
  • Then take any 2 mittens turn back, if any 2 animals turn back are different animals so have to  turn it back. Continue take another 2 mittens, if animals are same which mean correct and put a side.  
  • This game continue play and play until all the animals are get matching done.
2. Big and Small differential
  • From the mittens we can see the animal have big and small size. So this is for kids to differential big and small.
  • From the letter card we has provide 大,小,big,small, 2 language.
3. Animals and name matching
  • Bellow mitten without animal name + Animal name cards
  • This 2 is for do matching animal mitten and name.
4. Happy Animal Family
  • Done for the game design and I try play with my kid and found another play.
  • I believe that whose those mummy same age as me has been play it before. It is Happy Family. When playing this game with kids it can be asking and answer with each other. At the same time can be let kids to learn expression ability.
  • For an example, "May I know (Big / Small) mike at home?". So can answer " NO, (Big / Small) mike NOT at home." else "YES, (Big / Small) mike at home." So if answer is YES then pass the mitten card to the person whose are request. If any get more cards which mean whose are the winner.

Product Detail:
  • 26 animals design with 52 cards
  • 26 animals name cards + Size letter (small big)
  • Mitten Size: 5.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Letter Card Size: 3.5  1.5 cm


1. 学习记忆力
  • 把手套反成背面后,全部的卡片都会看到爱宝贝的logo。
  • 然后把其中两张手套卡片反过来。如果反过来的两张卡片是不一样的动物就把卡片反回去爱宝贝的logo图片。一直开反重复直到两个动物的图案是一样的就算答对了。
  • 然后把答对的图案放在一边,重复的玩直到所有的卡片答对为止。
2. 大小动物分辨
  • 我们有设计动物的大小,这个可以让孩子们学习大与小的分辨。
  • 我们有小卡片里注明大,小,big,small 两种语言。
3. 配对动物名称
  • 在手套下面会有空白没有注明动物名字的手套卡片 + 另外的动物名字小卡片
  • 这个是要让孩子们学习配对名字
4. 开心动物乐园
  • 这个游戏是设计完了后和小朋友玩的时候突然发现可以有第四种玩法。
  • 这个游戏想必妈妈们的时代应该会有玩过吧。它就是Happy Family。和孩子玩牌游戏时可以和孩子互相发问问题,让孩子可以学习表达能力。
  • 比如:“请问(大、小)老鼠在家吗?”可以回答说;“(大、小)老鼠不在家” 又或是 “(大、小)老鼠在家”。如果在家就把牌拿给问问题的小宝贝。如果哪方的拿到越多的卡片就算胜利咯。
  • 26 种不同的动物以52 张卡片
  • 26 个动物名字小卡片+ 4 张大小卡片字母
  • 动物名字尺寸: 3.5  1.5 cm
  • 手套尺寸: 5.5 x 7.5 cm

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