Thursday, 19 June 2014

360° Baby Toothbrush (IJP010)

Wakodo 360° super soft brush teeth baby toothbrush

Product Description

✿ Material quality:Toothbrush handle: Polypropylene; Bristles: nylon(Soft)
✿ Heat-resistance temperature: toothbrush 120°C ; Brush 80°C ; Suitable age:1-5 years
✿ 360 ° all-round brush, easy to brush to every corner,10000 root diameter of 0.007 mm ultra soft brush, can be easily clean teeth for the baby.
360 ° all-round brush design which can easily clean your baby teeth

Product Features
360° all-round brush, flexible rotation in the baby's mouth, no matter from which direction can easily brush to every corner, leaving no dead corner.
✿ 10000 root diameter of 0.06 mm ultra soft brush is the number of adult toothbrush bristles nearly 10 times, in a short period of time can be easily clean teeth clean for the baby.
✿ 360° full brush head is designed, patented in Japan, super soft bristles do not hurt the baby young tender gums.
✿ No matter what Angle can let the baby 360 degrees and clean teeth. In the baby's mouth and flexible rotation. Super fine wool 0.06 mm, more than 10000 high density fur will not stimulate the baby's gums and mouth. Let the baby like brushing your teeth.
✿ The handle with safety care, prevent poke injury baby's throat.

Method of use
Down the teeth, the tooth brush from the top down, the tooth brush from the bottom up, both inside and outside brush to clean, brush at least 2 to 3 minutes. Brush in the morning and once at night is more important to brush your teeth before bed. Bit by bit again transverse move, clean teeth inside went up in a little toothbrush to clean. Toothbrush fuzz deformation occurs, please change in time.

Washed with tap water thoroughly after use a toothbrush, fully dry. Please stored in ventilated, dry place. Please do not make adhesion chlorinated disinfectant, bleach, high temperature hot water.

Wakodo 和光堂 婴儿360°训练牙刷

【商品】和光堂训练牙刷 360° 超柔刷头婴儿牙刷 自握环形
【材质】 牙刷 - 聚丙烯 ; 毛 - 尼龙(软)
【耐热温度】牙刷-120℃ 毛-80℃
尺寸】 95mm*55mm*45mm
✿ 360°全方位刷头小巧精致,在宝宝的口腔中转动灵活,无论从哪个方向都能轻松刷到,不留死角;
✿ 0.06mm超级细软毛360°全方位覆盖,不会伤害宝宝娇嫩的牙龈和口腔;
✿ 和光堂专利刷头设计,10,000根以上超高密度超级细软毛环形排列,可以在短时间内快速无痛的将宝宝的牙齿清理干净;
✿ 把手处带有安全托,防止戳伤宝宝的喉咙的安全构造设计;把手小巧玲珑,线条光滑柔和,贴合宝宝小手,让宝宝可以轻松掌握,体会自己刷牙的乐趣。是推荐适合宝宝使用的训练牙刷。

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