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how to determine that baby whether has a health growth ♥ 如何判断宝宝是否有健康的成长的



1.       身高和体重标准


幼儿体重公式:体重(kg= 年龄x 2 + 8
幼儿身高公式:身高(cm= 年龄 x 5 + 75


2.       是否能抵抗疾病的能力


3.       智力营养状况



In the full time mother of our children will pay more attention to the food we eat would not bring nutrition to children. But Mom, I do mainly to allow children to eat healthier, because normally outside food it will be oily, salty. So normally I will try to prepare less salt, less oil food for my children. I will more take care of my children food before 1, so it will be cook more natural food. Natural food mean that, no salt, no sugar, no oil and all the flavor come to the vegetable, and meat. I will put a bit of the salt, sugar and oil after children 1 year old.

Full time mother, I hope my children will grow as healthy. But very often the child will have to resist the sense diet. So mother has to next point effort.

I had found some of the information and share with you. This is regarding of you how to determine that baby whether has a health growth.

Normally baby has full of vitality it will be under health growth. So we can look for few types to determine it.

1. Standard of height and weight

All the humans are growing up by the age, so children having their food it will effecter of the height and weight. Children able to fully get their nutrition food during early childhood, it sure will be able to meet the general criteria.

Children Weight Formula: Weight(kg) = Age X 2 + 8
Children Height Formula: Height(cm) = Age X 5 + 75

The formula is for the normal standard use in, show in above.  

2. It will be able resistance to disease itself

Baby able to resistance to disease itself only at baby give birth the first 6 months. So baby will easy get bacterial by infection during the 7 months from give birth. So we will inject vaccination during the period it because want to Prevention of Infectious Diseases. This is will able work it if children is having good healthy and have a balance of the nutrition. But for malnourished children is inferior to those on the opposite. Conclusion is nutrition food is very important during the growing period.  

3. Intelligence nutritional status

Intelligence will be effecter for the malnourished children. Some of the intellectual doing a research for TWO children are the normal nutrition and malnourished. Normal natural children able to independent play itself or with others children play together, they will use their eyes contact, smile, give a signal to their fiends. Else for the malnourished children will be inferior, normally they can’t play without their parent, don’t like to talk, don’t like social with out of their parent, some more timid and inactive.

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