Friday, 20 June 2014

High Quality Newborn Socks ✿ 高品质新生儿袜 [BAP001]

This is one of the product that we love so much due to the good quality of the material and also for its very cute design.

At the moment, we bring in four designs and let us show you the product picture first~

Chicky & Bear

Panda & Rabbit

Using a very high quality cotton yarn, this newborn sock is extremely soft and delicate. No matter you are going to purchase it for your family new member or just as gift, it will be a superior choice! 

Product details:
 100% cotton fabrics, delicate, soft, breathable
✿ fit to 7-9CM little feet { size : 0-3M }
 Loose fitting flanging sock
 hand-sewn on toe binding area

hand-sewn on toe binding area.袜头手工缝头

此款为爱宝贝家的自留款,家中的小朋友都穿过哦~ 因为真的觉得品质是很好的,外加可爱的动物设计,所以我们也特地采购了一些来和大家分享。



✿ 面料为全棉,细腻、柔软、透气

✿ 小袜子适合7-9CM的小脚丫,适于0-3个月的宝宝

✿ 袜口均为松口工艺,翻边袜会比平口袜更松一点点哦!

✿ 袜头手工缝头




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